The Consortium has relationships with some of the best researchers in the world in interpersonal trust, trust in teams, trust across cultures, designing trustworthy organizations and trust repair. We conduct ongoing research with industry partners and publish these in industry and academic journals and in our own consortium white papers. Researchers affiliated with the consortium have published in the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal.




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Robert Hurley, Ph.D.



Trust Measurement, Diagnosis and Metrics

The consortium conducts research to measure organization trustworthiness from a multi-stakeholder perspective. These metrics can be used to diagnose areas that need work and provide recognition and feedback where progress has occurred.



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Speaker Series and Videos

The Consortium invites speakers throughout the year to give talks on critical trust topics. Many of these talks will be video taped and made available via our website.





Executive Development Courses

The consortium, in conjunction with world-class faculty members across the globe, offers various executive education programs that promote organizational trustworthiness, including:

·      Trustworthy leadership practices

·      Earning and sustaining client trust

·      How to embed trustworthiness into the fabric of an organization

·      Multi-stakeholder relationship management

·      The relationship between trust, engagement and sustainability

·      Communication, transparency and trust

·      Repairing trust in a trustworthy manner

·      Building the high trust team

·      Trust and collaboration across silos

·      Build and repairing trust within and across teams

·      Forgiveness and the repair of interpersonal trust

·      Interpersonal communication that builds trust and collaboration

·      The organizational architecture of trusted brands




Awards and Recognition

In conjunction with our trust measurement activities we will offer an annual awards dinner to recognize leaders and firms that have done the most to build trustworthiness in their firms and in their industry.





Annual Summit

Each year we will conduct a major conference to share best practices in building trustworthy organizations.




Study Groups

The center will form, coordinate and facilitate ongoing study groups to share best practices. Separate study groups will be formed for Chief Communications, Human Resources Executives, Learning and Development, Ethics and Compliance and other officers having roles in building high trust firms. 





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