Trust Digest March 16, 2013

How to Force Ethics on the Food Industry
A Court has struck down, at least for now, New York City’s attempt to slow the growth of obesity by limiting the portion size of sweetened beverages. But governments should not be deterred by this and should step up their efforts to protect the public health by limiting the marketing tactics of food companies.
Key Word: Food Industry
Trust Issues: Ethics, Accountability, Responsibility

6 Steps To Managing Your Online Reputation
For people who want to make sure that potential employers and customers find the online content they want them to find, there is plenty they can do themselves without the help of outsiders. I talked to author Stradtman and to the heads of Reputation Changer, Big Blue Robot, Metal Rabbit Media and BrandYourself and pooled their wisdom to create the list below. What the advice comes down to: Create your own content and optimized profiles, to push offending content down to that proverbial third page in Google search results.
Key Word: Online Reputation Management
Trust Issue: Reputation

Drew Says Subordinates’ Deception at JPMorgan Let Her Down
Ina Drew, who was forced to leave JPMorgan Chase & Co. amid a record trading loss last year, said she relied on other executives to manage a complex book of credit derivatives and didn’t learn of their “deceptive conduct” until after she left the company.
Key Word: Deceptive Conduct
Trust Issues: Ethics, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability

Just Another Day With Your Lying, Scheming Co-Workers
Hogan Assessments, a Tulsa, Okla.-based firm that uses personality tests to improve workplace performance surveyed 700 people in February about trust and betrayal at work, and discovered that 81% of respondents believed they had been cheated or otherwise treated dishonestly by a colleague.
Key Word: Trustworthiness
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

U.S. Inquiry Into BHP Billiton for Corruption
The U.S. government is investigating a possibility of corrupt practices by the world’s largest mining company, BHP Billiton, the company confirmed Wednesday after media reports about an inquiry into its sponsorship of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Key Word: Corrupt Practices
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Transparency

Norway Faces Reputational Damage as Gas Investors Escalate Fight
Funds that have invested $5.6 billion in Norway’s gas pipelines escalated their fight to keep their tariffs intact, pleading with the prime minister to intervene in a plan to slash shipment costs by 90 percent.
Key Word: Reputational Damage
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

For Detroit, a Crisis of Bad Decisions and Crossed Fingers
The financial crisis that has made Detroit one of the largest cities ever to face mandatory state oversight was decades in the making, a trail of missteps, of trimming too little, too late, of hoping that deep-rooted structural problems would turn out to be cyclical downturns that might melt away as the economy picked up.
Key Words: Bad Decisions, Strategy of Hope
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Transparency

Taking Responsibility Is a Key for Doing the Right Thing
There is much we can do to structure organizations and policies so that individuals who contribute to unethical or illegal behavior are held accountable for their actions. The bigger challenge may be getting people to accept personal responsibility and do the right thing even when they are the only ones who will ever know.
Key Words: Ethical Questions, Moral Missteps
Trust Issues: Ethics, Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility

Illinois Is Accused of Fraud by S.E.C.
The Securities and Exchange Commission accused Illinois of claiming that it had been properly funding public workers’ retirement plans when it had not. In particular, it cited the period from 2005 to 2009, when Illinois also issued $2.2 billion in bonds.
Key Word: Fraud
Trust Issues: Ethics, Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency

China unveils restructuring to boost efficiency, fight corruption
China unveiled a government restructuring plan on Sunday, cutting cabinet-level entities by two and dissolving its powerful Railways Ministry, as the country's new leaders look to boost efficiency and combat corruption. The reforms mark the biggest reduction in ministries since 1998 and coincides with growing public concern over transparency and overlapping bureaucracies.
Key Words: Restructuring, Personal Gain, Corruption
Trust Issues: Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency

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