Trust Digest January 7, 2013

Stakeholder Management Maturity

Empirical studies consistently show organizations that focus on Ethical Management and Corporate Governance consistently outperform those seeking excessive profits in the short term.

Key Words: Ethical Management, Corporate Governance

Trust Issues: Stakeholders, Ethics, Motives


Why You’ll Need a Big Data Ethics Expert

In the enthusiasm around big data, there has been little discussion about what that data might uncover. The looming issue in big data isn’t technology but the decisions associated with how, when and if results should be provided. Privacy issues will surface as data analytics becomes able to reveal identities by combining what was previously considered anonymous data with location and purchasing information.

Key Words: Big Data, Big Data Strategy

Trust Issues: Privacy, Ethics


Reputation Trumps All -- Define Your Brand and Live It in the New Year, and Beyond

Our reputations are our own responsibilities, and must be managed very carefully indeed. We cannot let others define us totally, nor can we be arrogant in proclaiming our own virtues.

Key Words: Personal Reputations, Corporate Reputations

Trust Issues: Reputation, Integrity


New Year’s Resolutions and Corporate Social Responsibility

Most corporations are resistant, ambivalent and in denial about the role and responsibility of government, the “subsidies” that they have either benefited from historically or continue to rely on as an important part of their business operations, and fail to acknowledge the size and depth of their responsibility to contribute to the public coffers. Recognition by corporations of their fair tax contribution could go a long way toward shoring up the social fabric, political climate and the financial health of our country, all currently sorely frayed.

Key Words: Corporate Social Responsibility, Disclosure, Transparency

Trust Issues: Motives, Accountability

Creativity Increases Dishonesty

A new study from Harvard and Duke Universities* suggests that more creative people are more dishonest.

Key Word: Creativity

Trust Issues: Dishonesty, Ethics


House votes to reinstate Ethics Office

The House voted to reinstate the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) in the 113th Congress as the chamber adopted its rule changes for the next two years.

Key Words: Office of Congressional Ethics

Trust Issues: Ethics, Corruption


Strange dishonesty of filibuster reform and the ‘longest day’

The filibuster, which allows 41 members of the Senate to block action on a bill or nomination, has been used far more frequently over recent years and has become one of the leading symbols and causes of congressional dysfunction. A group of reformers has a proposed rules change that, while it would still allow 41 senators to block action, would make it harder.

Key Words: Filibuster Reform, Congressional Dysfunction

Trust Issues: Dishonesty, Competence


Sustainability meets financial reporting and commercial opportunities

The business case for sustainability is changing and being elevated from one that rests on reputational enhancement to a far more strategic position that is about the longer-term protection of core business.

Key Words: Cannibalism, Sustainable Management, Enhancement of Ecosystems

Trust Issues: Transparency, Integrity

Transparency advocates see tough year, growing EPA Windsorgate’ scandal ahead

The Environmental Protection Agency Inspector General opened an investigation last month into departing EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s recent admission that she used the alias “Richard Windsor” on a government email account to conduct official business. Using such aliases violates federal law. Jackson claimed she only did so on internal communications at EPA.

Key Word: Government Transparency

Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability


High doses of medical corruption worldwide

When it comes to corrupt doctors, the question is not whether, but to what extent.

Key Word: Medical Profession

Trust Issue: Corruption

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