Trust Digest January 26, 2013

Fair Trade USA's Multi-Stakeholder Group Reveals Results of Two-Year Apparel Pilot
Fair Trade USA's Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) for apparel today released a report on the recently completed Fair Trade Certified™ apparel pilot program. The report, co-written by the MSG and Fair Trade USA, reveals that Fair Trade can play a role in promoting ethical and sustainable supply chains in the apparel sector.
Key Words: Environmental Sustainability, Socially Conscious
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability

New Study: Trust in Both Business and Corporate Leaders Plummets
According to a yearly “trust barometer” survey by the giant public relations firm Edelman, fewer than one in five people trust business or government leaders to tell the truth when confronted with a difficult issue.
Key Words: Truth, Trust Barometer, Crisis In Leadership
Trust Issues: Transparency, Multiple Stakeholders, Expectations, Governance

In Digital We Trust: 4 Questions to Keep Your Reputation in Check
The world of work is recalibrating your future career currency as you read this. Very soon, your online reputation will be far more significant than your traditional credit rating or fico score has been for getting jobs, apartments, the best interest rate on mortgages, or even a run-down couch off of freecycle.
Key Words: Social Culture, Online Reputation, Brand
Trust Issue: Credibility

Responsible Leadership is the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility
Responsible leadership rests on taking decisions only after you have looked carefully at the impact on all stakeholders and feel that you have done the best you can to assure that sustainable value is created and that the outcomes are fair.
Key Words: Corporate Social Strategy
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Compliance

Managing Better: 7 Ways Leaders Say 'I Don't Trust You'
Far too many leaders and managers inadvertently do things every day that send the message they distrust even their best people. Sapping people's trust is unmotivating, and unmotivated people simply don't do their best work.
Key Words: Motivation, Leadership
Trust Issue: Mistrust

Lose Trust and You're Lost: Five Crucial Steps Lance Armstrong Didn't Take
Whether you’re a leader, parent, spouse, or someone at a business or organization of any kind, trust is your most precious resource. Maintain it and your success will always grow. Lose it and either quickly become extinguished or rebuild it immediately.
Key Words: Rebuilding Trust
Trust Issues: Mistrust, Honesty, Integrity

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon at Davos: 'We're Doing The Right Thing'
Leading bankers at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, are on the defensive amid demands to regulate their industry more closely following the financial crisis that battered the global economy.
Key Words: Bad Practices, Financial Crisis
Trust Issues: Integrity, Transparency, Accountability

5 Tips for Corporate Social (Media) Responsibility Communications
Social media can be a powerful tool for stakeholder engagement. It can broaden your reach, help source new ideas from the margins, and create a real-time, continuous feedback loop.
Key Words: Feedback, Sustainability Reporting
Trust Issue: Stakeholder Engagement

The Changing Tides of Sustainability Talent: It's Not About Being Indiana Jones
As more companies adopt sustainability policies, the shifting tides in the field change the skills and knowledge required.
Key Word: Corporate Social Responsibility
Trust Issue: Transparency

The Raging Debate Over Objectivity and Transparency
At heart, objective journalism sets out to establish the facts about a situation, report fairly the range of opinion around it and take a first cut at what arguments are the most reasonable. To keep the presentation rigorous, journalists should have professional reporting and editing skills (be they staff or independent journalists, paid or unpaid). To show their commitment to balance, journalists should keep their personal opinions to themselves.
Key Words: Objectivity, Accuracy
Trust Issues: Transparency, Fairness, Intellectual Honesty

Resource Scarcity Drives Singapore to  Sustainability Leadership
Singapore has become an internationally recognized leader among global cities, for its forward-looking policy goals and strong execution. The Southeast Asian city-state was found to be literally in a class by itself -- “Well Above Average” -- of the 22 Asian cities analyzed by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the Siemens Green City Index.
Key Words: Sustainability Leadership, Environmental Sustainability Strategy
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability

Which Companies’ Sustainability Promises Do You Believe?
Just two years ago Greenpeace U.K. condemned H&M for wasting water, shaming it with commitments Puma, Adidas and Nike had made to do better. At the time Greenpeace charged: “H&M had links to factories discharging a range of hazardous chemicals into China’s rivers.”
Key Words: sustainability, Corporate Citizen
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability

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