Trust Digest January 20, 2013

Radical Transparency Makes Employees Happier, More Productive and Loyal
When you’re open and transparent about the answers to three questions undefined who made the decision, who is accountable for the outcomes of the decision, and is that accountability real undefined people in organizations spend far less time questioning how or why a decision was made.
Key Word: Radical Transparency
Trust Issues: Transparency, Communication

Social Media Branding Key for Company Reputation
CEOs who embrace social media can give a boost to their company's reputation, new research shows.
Key Words: Affordable Care Act, Physician Payments Sunshine Act (PPSA)
Trust Issue: Transparency

Prominent Doctors Call for Action on Transparency Law
Financial relationships between physicians and drug and medical device companies can create conflicts of interest that threaten the quality of patient care and drive up healthcare costs. A group of prominent doctors are asking for enactment of a law which would force payments from drug companies to doctors to be publicly disclosed.
Key Words: Affordable Care Act, Physician Payments Sunshine Act (PPSA)
Trust Issue: Transparency

Boeing’s 787 Woes Test Company’s Reputation
Boeing's new-model 787 is receiving plenty of attention lately - but it's not at all the kind of buzz the aircraft maker had been hoping for with an aircraft that carries such high hopes it was dubbed the "Dreamliner."
Key Words: Integrity, Safety
Trust Issues: Reputation, Integrity

In China, Can Pollution Spur Media Transparency?
Typically, the Chinese press tries to put the best possible spin on Beijing's notorious pollution problem, but the national media has reacted to "airpocalypse" with a startling frankness. What has caused this shift?
Key Words: Hazardous, "Airpocalypse", Media
Trust Issues: Transparency, Open Communication

Many Factors Can Affect Your Reputation in the Workplace
All of us have reputations that, to varying degrees, follow us around, impacting our ability to do our jobs and build trust with others. Factors such as honesty, maintaining commitments and generating results aid in the development of positive reputations.
Key Words: Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs)
Trust Issues: Reputation, Avoiding Responsibility, Integrity, Ethics, Regulation

Lying Becomes an Official Sport
The world of sports lies is starting to look like the cereal aisle at a grocery store. It’s overwhelming. Once, sports seemed like a refuge from the ritualized deceit of politics or business and now it feels like a race to see who can get away with what, longest.
Key Words: Sports, Lying
Trust Issues: Integrity, Honesty

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