Trust Digest January 2, 2013

Five Trust Building Dos Moving Toward Trust in an Era of Distrust
Want more trusting relationships at work? Here are five simple trust building dos that will enhance 

work relationships.
Key Words: Self Awareness, Stewardship, Selflessness, Enhance Work Relationships
Trust Issues: Motives, Benevolent Respect, Stewardship, Distrust, Positive Trust Building

The politics of corruption - Squeezing the sleazy
Global anti-corruption efforts are growing in scope and clout. This year is set to be the best yet. International discussions no longer tiptoe round the word “corruption”. A culture of denial has given way to at least lip-service to the cause.
Key Words: Bribery, Anti-Corruption Laws, International Corruption Watchdogs
Trust Issues: Corruption, Transparency

Educating Sustainability Professionals
The sustainability problem has many dimensions: ethical, technological, political and financial; It is a management problem that has at its core a single question: Can we increase the planet's production of goods and services to meet the needs of a growing population without destroying the planet's natural systems that we depend on? The emerging field of Sustainability Management assumes that the answer to this question is yes, and tries to figure out how to do this.
Key Words: Sustainability Management, Higher Education, Natural Resources, Pollution
Trust Issues: Accountability, Motives, Stewardship

Congressional ethics investigators could soon be silenced
The Office of Congressional Ethics, also known as the OCE is one of the most important watchdogs in Washington. That's because the OCE is the only quasi-independent government body whose sole mandate is to formally investigate members of Congress. But it could soon be silenced by the very people it investigates.
Key Words: Congress, Ethics Office, Watchdog
Trust Issues: Ethics, Accountability, Independence

Ghana to Improve Transparency in Oil Contracts
In Ghana, efforts are underway to boost transparency in the country’s newly developed oil industry, which some say will likely double economic growth. New rules require the quarterly disclosure of contract agreements and oil revenues as a way of avoiding the corruption that that many African oil exporters call the “resource curse.”
Key Words: Oil Industry, Petroleum Commission Act, Petroleum Revenue Management Act
Trust Issues: Transparency, Corruption, Accountability, Stewardship

Consumers and investors demanding supply chain transparency
Firms slow to embrace transparency are likely to suffer by losing the faith and patronage of an increasingly inquisitive and empowered consumer base. Manufacturers' supply chains used to be largely invisible and unimportant to consumers, but that is changing fast, in part because consumers both in developed and developing markets are demanding more transparency.
Key Words:Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Issues
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability, Stewardship

Choosing Wellness: Transparency in Health Care
Widespread polling and focus groups show Americans are increasingly receptive to the idea of making informed choices. Fueled in part by efforts from the public and private sectors, the health care industry is quickly moving toward greater transparency.
Key Words: Health Care, Health Care Industry
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability, Stewardship

The Big Corruption in Small Gifts
There is overwhelming evidence that small gifts have a big influence on the behavior of the recipients. A new study from a leading behavioral economist, Ulrike Malmendier of the University of California, Berkeley, finds that “small gifts may [create] a stronger reciprocal effect than large gifts,” making the recipients feel even more indebted to the giver. “Thus, not only might size limits be ineffective in reducing the influence of gift giving…they may even be counterproductive.”
Key Words: Corruption, Influence, Biased Decision Making
Trust Issues: Corruption, Integrity, Motives

India Investigators File Charges Against Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India
Indian investigators Friday filed criminal charges against the country's two largest telecom companies - Bharti Airtel Ltd. and Vodafone Group PLC's local unit - for alleged corruption in the allocation of bandwidth in 2002. Bharti Airtel and Vodafone India Ltd. have been charged with criminal conspiracy and criminal misconduct, according to court documents filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation.
Key Words: Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Misconduct
Trust Issues: Corruption, Undue Favor, Influence

Russians still forced to pay bribes, despite corruption fight
Russians consistently cite corruption as one of their nation’s worst problems. The Indem Foundation, a think tank that prepared a report last year for the Ministry of Economic Development, found that bribes are most often paid to the traffic police (about $800 million a year) and by parents applying for child care or kindergarten spots. But the greatest volume goes to the health-care system undefined about $1.2 billion a year in small payments.
Key Words: Bribery, Ethics
Trust Issues: Corruption, Official Misconduct, Loyalty, Motives

UBS faces fight to uphold reputation among super-rich
UBS was fined $1.5 billion by a posse of international regulators after admitting manipulation of the Libor interest rate, a global benchmark which underpins financial transactions worth trillions of dollars. It has been involved in an endless series of incidents in the last couple of years and it will take some time - several years without more damaging news - to restore trust.
Key Words: Rate Rigging, Manipulation of the Libor Interest Rate
Trust Issues: Reputation, Credibility, Motives, Accountability

Fighting the corruption cancer in China
China set out in the 1990s to build a socialist market economy, but the transition has been slow. The government’s heavy hand in the market created many opportunities for rent-seeking. Meanwhile, political reforms have dragged on, and there is little oversight of office-holders. Inevitably corruption has grown rife, exacerbated by globalization.
Key Words: Anti-Corruption Campaign, Independent Judiciary, Comprehensive Reform
Trust Issues: Corruption, Accountability, Transparency

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