Trust Digest February 23, 2013

Predicting a Crisis, Repeatedly
Economists are not very good at predicting crises, but the problem is generally an absence of warnings. That clearly won’t be the problem if the United States has a debt crisis. Here we have the opposite phenomenon: a possible crisis that economists love to predict.
Key Words: Debt Crisis, Responsibility
Trust Issues: Integrity, Competence, Communication

Chaotic, toxic, frantic: how Savile crisis engulfed BBC
ITV's revelations about Savile last October sparked a major criminal inquiry by Scotland Yard but also caused a meltdown at the BBC when it emerged it had axed a Newsnight programme which would have exposed Savile's sex abuse 10 months earlier.
Key Word: Labyrinthine Bureaucracy
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Reputation

Environmental Sustainability Is Not a Job Killer
With the right policies and proper implementation, the shift to a greener economy could produce a double dividend -- environmental and social. It has the potential to create a net increase of between 15 million to 60 million additional new jobs over the next two decades, compared to what business as usual would give us. And it could lift tens of millions of workers out of poverty.
Key Word: Environmental Sustainability
Trust Issues: Transparency, Responsibility, Accountability

INSIDE JCPENNEY: Widespread Fear, Anxiety, And Distrust Of Ron Johnson And His New Management Team
JCPenney may have a glossy new exterior, but inside the 111-year-old retailer, there is a major culture clash. There's widespread anxiety, fear, distrust, and resistance to CEO Ron Johnson within the company, according to several JCPenney executives.
Key Word: Culture Clash
Trust Issues: Communication, Transparency, Stakeholders

Sweet little lies: how men and women use deception in negotiations
Negotiators are encouraged to adopt a “morally pragmatic” stance, openly sharing information only if they believe their opponents are trustworthy. This stance encourages negotiators to withhold or misrepresent information when the circumstances are right. But when, exactly, are the circumstances right? Recently, negotiation researchers have started to explore the conditions under which negotiators are more (or less) predisposed to use deception.
Key Words: Negotiations, “Morally Pragmatic” Stance
Trust Issues: Ethics, Integrity, Transparency, Communication

Overcoming Sustainability Challenges Requires Determination
The concept of 'social license to operate' promises that the investment of time, talent and treasure pays off as they become the preferred provider, a favored employer and the good neighbor that faces less regulation and review by earning public, community and regulatory trust. That is a lofty goal and, of course, is far easier said than done. For many organizations the challenges can seem overwhelming.
Key Word: Environmental Sustainability
Trust Issues: Transparency, Responsibility, Accountability

Why Consumer Engagement Matters in Sustainability
Many businesses today are recognising the competitive opportunities to be gained by pursuing sustainability. One of the key features of this new business model is the heightened level of consumer engagement. This should come as little surprise seeing as consumer demand is one of the driving forces behind sustainability. Successful sustainable companies are using this relationship extensively to help inform their sustainability practice.
Key Words: Sustainability, Consumer Engagement
Trust Issues: Reputation, Accountability, Transparency

Steps to Guard Against Identity Fraud
If you get a letter notifying you that your personal data was involved in a corporate data breach, you should pay close attention, a new report says. Nearly a quarter of people who receive such letters become victims of identity fraud, the report, from Javelin Strategy & Research, found.
Key Word: Identity Fraud
Trust Issues: Integrity, Accountability, Reputation, Transparency

Oceana Uncovers Rampant Seafood Fraud Across United States
According to a new nationwide study released today by Oceana that found high levels of seafood fraud at restaurants and grocery stores across the country.
Oceana's study tested more than 1,200 seafood samples through DNA analysis in Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and other major cities, and found that 33 percent of seafood tested was mislabeled, according to Food and Drug Administration guidelines.
Key Words: Seafood Fraud, Mislabeling
Trust Issues: Integrity, Accountability, Ethics, Transparency

Corruption Reigns In Spain; King's Son-In-Law Accused Of Embezzling
The king's son-in-law is accused of using his royal title to steal money. He is accused of embezzling millions of dollars in public funds through a charity that organized sports and cultural events and faces a judge this weekend.
Key Words: Embezzling, Corruption
Trust Issues: Ethics, Integrity, Reputation

Corruption in Government, Business Can Be Found Everywhere
Corruption is so vast, and so pervasive, that the numbers are staggering.  An international anti-corruption monitoring group called Global Financial Integrity says that in the years from 2001 through 2010, developing nations experienced a total of $5.86 trillion in illicit funds leaving those countries.
Key Word: Corruption
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability

Wrestling With Corruption at the Olympics
It has been scarcely a week since the International Olympic Committee announced its intention to exclude wrestling from the 2020 Summer Games, and the campaign to “Save Wrestling” is in full swing.  Wrestling’s advocates can be expected to do everything in their power to keep their sport in the Olympics. There’s a larger issue here, though: the body they’re appealing to. The IOC isn’t exactly an honest broker, let alone a global federation committed to “excellence, friendship and respect.” It’s a self-recruited club of tin-pot emperors presiding over the greatest monopoly in all of sports.
Key Words: Corruption, Monopoly
Trust Issues: Ethics, Transparency, Integrity

Horse meat scandal: food transparency in focus
Globalisation has added new layers of complexity to the production process for many consumer goods, including our food. Even goods that could be produced locally arrive through the most circuitous routes – investigations have shown that horse meat labeled as beef came from horses slaughtered in Romania, ordered by a Luxembourg company, traded by a Dutch firm, then a Cypriot firm, then processed by one French company and retailed by another. These shifts are largely down to cost-conscious consumers seeking cheap food, and suppliers going to increasingly far-flung sources to achieve that cost-competitiveness.
Key Word: ‘Commodity Fetishism’
Trust Issues: Ethics, Transparency, Integrity

US tyre boss punctures French workers' reputation for productivity
The head of the US tyre maker Titan International has fired a broadside at French ''so-called workers'', claiming they ''work only three hours a day'' and his company would be ''stupid'' to take over a factory in the country.
Key Words: French Productivity, Waning Competitiveness
Trust Issue: Reputation

Putting Ethics & Values Around Big Data
There needs to be focus on the grey areas created by Big Data, where companies have the ability to do all sort of morally questionable things, yet the law is nowhere near sufficient to address whether they should do those things.
Key Words: Big Data, Moral Code, Privacy Violations
Trust Issue: Ethics

Problems With Precision and Judgment, but Not Integrity, in Tesla Test
Reporter John M. Broder’s test drive of the celebrated electric car known as the Tesla Model S did not go well. In fact, its publication was accompanied by a startling photograph of the Model S on a flatbed truck, onto which it was loaded after depleting its battery charge on the last leg of the trip. Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, has charged that the story was faked, that Mr. Broder intentionally caused his car to fail, and that issues of journalistic integrity are at stake.
Key Word: Journalistic Integrity
Trust Issues: Ethics, Integrity, Competence

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