Trust Digest February 2, 2013

Using PR as an agent for change in corporate sustainability
PR is often maligned as a purveyor of greenwash but what if it was employed to play a more active role in building trust and effecting change?
Key Words: Building Trust, Effecting Change
Trust Issues: Transparency, Communication, Accountability, Reputation

Evaluating Corporate Social Responsibility Performance
In today's fast-changing business world, companies are facing multiple new environmental, social, and cultural challenges that in large part determine their capacity to establish, maintain, and protect their business, and to deliver sustainable growth to benefit all.
Key Words: Environmental, Social, and Cultural Challenges, Sustainable Development and Growth
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability

Barclays faces further blow to reputation amid warning bank could face criminal charges over 2008 bailout
Barclays is facing yet another blow to its already tarnished reputation after it emerged that the bank could face criminal charges over a 2008 bailout. The bank is now being investigated about a £6 billion lifeline it received from foreign investors.
Key Words: Financial Services Authority, Criminal Charges
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Reputation

Harvard Students Forced to Withdraw in Cheating Scandal
More than half of the students implicated in a Harvard University cheating scandal that involved about 125 undergraduates were told to withdraw for as long as a year.
Key Words: Inappropriate Collaboration, Academic Integrity
Trust Issues: Accountability, Integrity

Mortgage Fraud Prosecutors Pounce on a Small Bank
Among those who have loudly called for bank prosecutions, the Abacus case is a source of bemusement and frustration. It “is another indication of the absolute failure of prioritization,” says William Black, a lawyer who served as the litigation director of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in the 1980s and later executive director of the Institute for Fraud Prevention. “This is one of those incredibly unusual cases that would have been so low a priority we would have never prosecuted it.”
Key Words: Failure Of Prioritization, Curious Choice
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability, Integrity

Elizabeth Warren, Elijah Cummings, Maxine Waters Call For More Transparency On Failed Foreclosure Reviews
Three influential lawmakers on Thursday called for bank regulators to disclose more details of the $8.5 billion foreclosure abuse settlement reached earlier this month and to reveal what happened during the case-by-case review program it abruptly replaced.
Key Word: Foreclosure Abuse Settlement
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability, Competence

Ex-Jefferies Arrest Shows Market Lacking Transparency
Jesse Litvak, a former Jefferies & Co. mortgage-bond trader, is accused of cheating customers by using unscrupulous sales tactics that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s deputy director of enforcement called “unfit for a used car lot.” Such practices are widespread in a market lacking transparency, investors and regulators say.
Key Words: Unscrupulous Sales Tactics, Market Lacking Transparency
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Reputation

Advertising Goes Native, and Deception Runs Free
The Internet continues its steady drift toward a business model built overwhelmingly on money not from readers, but from advertisers. That raises perennial questions of media economics and ethics: What limits should publishers put on advertiser influence? How far should they go in shaping their content to enhance its value as a delivery van for paid persuasion?
Key Words: Native Advertising, Controversial Sponsors
Trust Issues: Ethics, Integrity

Ethics & The Challenge of Economic Sustainability
The recent global financial crisis has raised widespread concern for the sustainability of the global economy and much has been written concerning the negative impacts of economic development on natural ecosystems and civil societies. In his new book The Essentials of Economic Sustainability, John Ikerd addresses the basic principles and concepts essential to economic sustainability. He explains in a new series on Talkback.
Key Words: Social Values, Ethical Values, Stewardship
Trust Issues: Ethics, Integrity

When Corruption Helps the Bottom Line
Most investors would agree that less corruption and more transparency in financial markets are good things. But in a contrarian way, a high degree of corruption in foreign markets can actually be beneficial. And that may provide an interesting counterargument to recent enforcement actions.
Key Words: Corruption, Foreign Markets, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability

Twitter Transparency Report Warns Of 'Serious Chilling Effect' From Growing Government Surveillance
Twitter's second transparency report, released Tuesday, documents government requests for users' information. The results will surprise no one who has been keeping track of civil liberties online: Law enforcement has an increasing appetite for private information.
Key Words: Private Information, Civil Liberties
Trust Issue: Transparency

Davos optimism downplays corruption, other risks
Risks – especially that of not doing enough to combat persistent corruption – are emerging as new threats to a fragile global economy beset by challenges.
Key Words: Corporate Justice, Restoring Trust, Corruption
Trust Issues: Ethics, Transparency, Accountability

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