Trust Digest February 16, 2013

Does Apple really assign engineers to "fake" projects as a loyalty test?
"Apple Makes New Employees Work on Fake Products Until Apple Can Trust Them", blared a headline - and many others like it - last January. In the Apple-watching world, it has since become common wisdom that the company assigns new engineers to "fake" projects in order to test their loyalty - that is, their propensity to leak - before giving them actual work.
Key Word: Fake Projects
Trust Issues: Loyalty, Accountability

Guinea publishes mining deals online in transparency bid
Guinea's government published contracts it has signed with mining firms including majors Rio Tinto and RUSAL in a bid for more transparency in a sector plagued by corruption and mismanagement.
Key Words: Corruption, Mismanagement
Trust Issues: Transparency, Responsibility, Accountability

Most Open Country 2013: Government Transparency Ranked By Open Budget Survey
According to the latest edition of the Open Budget Survey, the biennial report published by the International Budget Partnership, of the 100 countries assessed in the survey, 77 "fail to meet basic standards of budget transparency," with the average score a lowly 43 out of 100 points.
Key Word: Budget Transparency
Trust Issues: Transparency, Responsibility, Accountability

Financial Crisis Cost Tops $22 Trillion, GAO Says
The 2008 financial crisis cost the U.S. economy more than $22 trillion, a study by the Government Accountability Office published Thursday said. The financial reform law that aims to prevent another crisis, by contrast, will cost a fraction of that.
Key Words: Government Accountability Office (GAO), 2008 Financial Crisis
Trust Issues: Accountability, Responsibility, Integrity

Why don't Americans trust government?
Skepticism about government is, in many respects, part of our national DNA. But surveys in the 1950s and 1960s showed most Americans expressed at least a basic trust that their government would do the right thing most or all the time. The 1970s and the tumultuous issues of Vietnam and Watergate eroded that sentiment, and the polling numbers on it have never really recovered.
Key Words: Skepticism, Government
Trust Issues: Accountability, Responsibility, Integrity

Three Ways Executives Can Build Trust
This year’s Edelman Trust Barometer results shine a harsh light on today’s leaders. Only about one in five respondents trusts business leaders to tell the truth. The only people less trusted then CEOs as a source of information about a company are government officials or regulators. Here are a few observations of behaviors from executives who effectively work with the media and other external stakeholders, delivering value and building trust through their communications.
Key Words: Credibility, Distrust
Trust Issue: Integrity

In Oz We Trust (But Should We?)
Doctors dispensing medical advice from televised pulpits is nothing new. But when The New Yorker staff writer Michael Specter recently wrote a profile on Dr. Mehmet Oz cleverly entitled, “The Operator”, he refreshed the debate about whether media-anointed doctors are doing (in his words) “more harm than good.”
Key Word: Media-Anointed Doctors
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Responsibility

Internet Security: Whom Should You Trust?
No organization is immune to the loss or compromise of confidential and sensitive data. While many businesses may understand the potential threat they are often not prepared to deal with an incident, or they naively believe it will never happen to them. Many have a misguided sense of security and believe that it is IT’s problem, purely technical in nature. The reality is that every department must be involved in readiness planning. It is not simply a technical issue and can impact customers, employees business associates and the public perception of the entity.
Key Words: Digital Environment, Data Protection
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

Report: U.S. recovered $4.2 billion from healthcare fraud in 2012
Federal officials said they recovered a record-high $4.2 billion related to healthcare fraud and abuse in fiscal year 2012.
Key Word: Health Care Fraud Recovery
Trust Issues: Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility

Why The Millennial Generation Needs to Redefine Sustainability
Achieving sustainability as a state of existence should be our number-one global priority. In fact, unsustainability is a product of what the world perceives to be the most pressing issues of our time. Conflict, resource scarcity, industrial takeover, economic disparity, and government partisanship represent only few global predicaments that have created an unsustainable world. Despite the true multidimensional nature of sustainability, modern society has fallen into the impractical habit of equating "sustainability" with "environmental stability”, two terms that are not, by any means, interchangeable.
Key Word: Sustainability
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Accountability

How Amazon's Reputation Eclipsed Apple's
It's not easy beating Apple at anything, and it may be harder still for a company that has no stores, no face-to-face interaction with the public and no real product of its own. Yet that's what Amazon has accomplished by coming in No. 1 in the latest Harris Interactive survey of corporate reputations. Here are five surprising ways Amazon has ended up as the most reputable company in America.
Key Words: Ingenious Business Strategy, Cultural Factors
Trust Issue: Reputation

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