Trust Digest December 10, 2012

Five Traits of Leaders Who Are Ready for Social Good

‘Tis the season to do good. You might not believe it if you’ve just come from the Mall, but the spirit of good is out there. Perhaps unexpectedly, good deeds and real social change are coming from business leaders who understand that success carries with it the opportunity to exercise social responsibility without the burden of government mandate.

Key Word: Social Responsibility

Trust Issues: Benevolent, Competent Leadership

Americans Trust Obama on Economy

A new poll released Friday revealed that 48 percent of Americans trust President Obama to come up with solutions to current economic problem.

Key Word: Current Economic Pulse
Trust Issue: Governmental Trust

On ‘Madoff Day,’ Think About How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fraud

This is the time of year when most people think of gifts and holiday gatherings. I couldn’t help thinking of frauds past. Four years ago this week, Marc S. Dreier, a high-flying lawyer, was arrested and later charged with defrauding his clients of $700 million. A few days later, Bernard L. Madoff’s fraud was uncovered.

Key Words: Fraud, Personal Risk Mitigation

Trust Issues: Regulation, Trusted Advisers

A Point of View: Which comes first - trust or trustworthiness?

During the past year, the headlines have publicised cases of untrustworthy behaviour, some of it lurid, even criminal, some of it merely squalid and routine. Placing and refusing trust intelligently is not a matter of finding guarantees or proofs. We often have to assess complex and incomplete evidence, which the masters of spin and PR may be massaging, to make things look better than they are.

Key Words: Trust vs. Trustworthiness

Trust Issues: Trust Restoration, Accountability, Transparency, Trust Assessment

Resilient Responsibility: 3 Ways to Keep Your CSR Commitment in Tough Times

People, planet, profit: That is the alliterative refrain that has become synonymous with corporate social responsibility (CSR). But what happens when that third "P" begins to falter? Where does CSR fit when profits turn to losses?

Key Word: Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

Trust Issues: Building Trust, Reputational Trust

Subway Push Photo a Flash Point for Ethics Debate

When does a journalist ditch his or her press credentials to become a part of the story? Abbasi’s decision to take the photo instead of coming to Han’s aid has been roundly criticized, while others reserve their scorn for the New York Post for publishing the images in the first place.

Key Word: Ethics in Journalism

Trust Issue: Trust in media

Analysis: Distrust among members of Congress complicates "cliff" talks

President Barack Obama and his Republican opponents enter a crucial week in the "fiscal cliff" impasse with more than just differences over taxes to bridge: Also in the way is pervasive mistrust among members of Congress that discourages big concessions for fear the other side won't reciprocate.

Key Word: Government

Trust Issue: Trust in Negotiations

Are women leaders less corrupt? No, but they shake things up

While many bristle at the suggestion that women are the "fairer sex," considering it simplistic and even sexist, a growing body of research hints that the ascent of women might indeed help dent corruption.  A deeper look shows there is a complex connection between gender and corruption.

Key Words: Government, Corruption

Trust Issue: Trust among Genders

Why China Should Study Singapore's Anti-Corruption Strategy

China and many of the Asian tigers have a notorious reputation for their rampant graft, scandal, and illicit activity in the public sector. But in recent decades, Singapore has stood out in comparison to its peers for its lack of perceived corruption.

Key Word: Corruption

Trust Issue: Regulation

Greater transparency on government procurement is good for business

We have been increasing transparency around government procurement so everyone can see what contracts there are and, each time, we are finding more opportunities.  We want to promote innovative solutions and new ways of delivering services.  This is good for government, good for suppliers and good for taxpayers because we are making sure we get the best service for the best price.

Key Word: Government

Trust Issue: Transparency

On Anti-Corruption Day, Ban seeks universal adherence to global convention

Marking International Anti-Corruption Day, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday called for full global acceptance of an international convention aimed at ending corrupt practices around the world.

Key Words: United Nations, Anti-corruption

Trust Issues: Governmental Trust, International Trust

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