Trust Digest April 27, 2013

Did Novartis Violate Its Corporate Integrity Agreement?
Twice this past week, the US Department of Justice filed lawsuits alleging Novartis paid kickbacks to boost prescriptions and caused federal healthcare programs to pay for medicines based on false claims
Key Words: Incentive Programs, Repeat Offender
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Transparency, Responsibility, Reputation

How sustainability metrics help build trust in the financial sector
To rebuild trust, investors and the public need comparable data on how financial institutions are managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. Enter SASB.
Key Words: Environmental, Social And Governance (ESG), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

Trust Issues: Transparency, Responsibility, Communication
Integrity: Harder to Come By?
What is happening to us? We’ve had an overabundance of low-integrity events over the last year. The manipulation of Libor rates in London, the scandal at Penn State University, Lance Armstrong’s cheating (and his lies about cheating), and the list goes on. These are just a few of the more notable breaches of trust in the last year alone. The number of examples begs an important question: Is integrity harder to come by these days?
Key Words: Low-Integrity Events, Corrosion Of Character
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

Reputation Experts JW Maxx Solutions Warns Public against Hacking Attacks like the “Fake Obama Injury” Tweet
JW Maxx Solutions warns and offers solid advice to the public against hacking attacks like the one that occurred today with the Associated Press' Twitter account.
Key Word: Online Reputation Management
Trust Issue: Reputation

Reputation survey: Public regard for BBC undermined by Savile scandal

People have lost faith in the corporation's impartiality since the Jimmy Savile scandal broke, although it remains the media organisation with the best reputation
Key Words: Reputation Survey, Impartiality
Trust Issues: Reputation, Integrity


6 Tips to Be a Good Leader
Great leaders may have many different personality types, but many of them have similar characteristics.
Key Word: Great leaders
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Communication

The next crisis: Fed promised, Fed delivered - James Saft
The next crisis is coming, driven on by Federal Reserve policy which in seeking to keep inflation and employment on target will also breed financial instability.
Key Words: Federal Reserve Policy, Next Crisis
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Accountability


S&P's Outrageous, Clever Fraud Defense
Standard & Poor’s has filed its motion to dismiss the U.S. Justice Department’s big fraud suit, which accuses the rating agency of helping trigger the 2008 financial crisis.
Key Words: Fraud Suit, Prolific Claims Of Integrity, Rating Agencies
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Responsibility, Accountability

Jonathan Macey's The Death of Corporate Reputation
The state of reputation tells us much about how we view ourselves, and each other, and how we interact with our political, financial and regulatory systems. Without reputation, without the trust that stems from a viable -- as macey, a yale law school professor, calls it -- "theory of reputation," we are all perilously close to a hobbesian landscape where only might make right. 
Key Word: Relationship Of Reputation To Trust
Trust Issues: Reputation, Accountability, Responsibility

6 NY politicians plead not guilty, are asked to provide hard drives for evidence against them

The government’s evidence in a political corruption case  is so voluminous that each of the six defendants is being asked to provide a 150-gigabyte hard drive to hold it.
Key Word: Political Corruption
Trust Issues: Accountability, Integrity, Ethics, Responsibility

Healthcare Transparency: What It Means That We're Doing it Wrong

Transparency is also a primary issue when it comes to healthcare pricing. Mostly because: healthcare pricing makes a better door than it does a window.
Key Word: Price-Point Opacity
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability

Barclays sets aside £464m to rebuild reputation after scandals
Barclays has set aside almost half a billion pounds in the first quarter to pay for an overhaul of the scandal-struck bank.
Key Words: Project Transform, Tax-Avoidance Schemes And Libor-Rigging
Trust Issues: Reputation, Stakeholders, Accountability, Responsibility

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