Trust Digest April 20, 2013

Corporate Charity a Boon to Bottom Lines
Whether it is to become more transparent, do the right thing or simply to appease stakeholders, regulators and benefit from tax breaks, giving back to the community can translate to happier workers and customers, ultimately cushioning a company’s balance sheet.
Key Words: Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability
Trust Issues: Transparency, Stakeholders, Reputation


Seafood Sustainability Requires a Global Approach
Seafood is the largest traded food commodity in the world. This is the only significant commercially traded protein source on earth that is still hunted in the wild. But how do consumers know which fish stocks are protected in this way and environmentally safe to eat? Or if the fish they are told they are buying is, in fact, accurate? Mislabeling of seafood is all too common.
Key Word: Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
Trust Issues: Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility

Steve Howard: IKEA Style Sustainability
Can a global corporation be environmentally and socially responsible and still deliver a quality product at an affordable price?
Key Word: Sustainability Principles And Practices
Trust Issues: Reputation, Ethics, Integrity, Accountability, Transparency

Bundesbank’s Weidmann: Debt-crisis recovery will take years
Germany’s top central banker warned that Europe’s debt crisis will take as much as a decade to overcome, dismissing the view expressed by some political leaders that the worst of the crisis is over.
Key Word: Europe’s Debt Crisis
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Accountability

Fresh financial crisis case against S&P in Australia
IMF Australia, a publicly-listed company that funds large legal claims, said it had filed a fresh case against S&P on behalf of 90 churches, councils and charities who lost hundreds of millions on synthetic derivatives.
Key Words: Rating Agencies, Conflicts Of Interest
Trust Issues: Accountability, Integrity, Ethics, Responsibility

Fix banks or face an even deeper crisis, IMF warns
A growing trend towards excessive risk-taking and lack of action to repair broken bank balance sheets could trigger a "chronic" new phase in the financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned.
Key Words: Excessive Risk-Taking, Lack Of Action, Financial Crisis
Trust Issues: Accountability, Integrity, Ethics, Responsibility

Don Sorensen, Online Reputation Management Expert Addresses Wall Street’s Wounded Reputation
If Wall Street, banks, and other financial institutions want to rebuild a solid reputation, they’ll need to focus on the 7 distinct perceptions consumers have about them and tackle the problem of a poor reputation from several different angles.
Key Word: Reputation Management
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Reputation, Responsibility

Congo Suspended From Mining-Transparency Initiative for 1 Year
The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative suspended the Democratic Republic of Congo’s membership for a year and threatened to delist the country unless it improves reporting of mining and oil revenue. 
Key Word:  Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)
Trust Issues: Reputation, Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility

What You Need to Do to Fix a Damaged Reputation at Work
Your future career depends on how well you maintain and manage your reputation as a reliable, competent employee. Your reputation is one of your most important assets, so don't let a mistake at work interfere with your dreams.
Key Word: Damaged Reputation
Trust Issues: Reputation, Responsibility

Price Transparency in Health Care: Is It The Holy Grail?
Health care is the only product or service we purchase without any idea of the price. Often, you don't even know your portion of the price. This raises the question, "Why?"
Key Word: Health Care
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility

Do the Right Thing. Even When It Hurts
Paramount in any leadership decision must be doing what is right for the organization.
Key Word: Leadership Challenge
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Responsibility

Leadership Behaviours Employees Trust
Trust inspiring leadership is more to do with your behaviours than your actions. The relationships you have and the way you treat people has more impact on the performance of your teams and the overall success of your business than how you might have negotiated with a supplier or client.
Key Words: Inspiring Leadership, Relationship Building, Self-Awareness.
Trust Issues: Accountability, Responsibility

EU tests reveal extensive horsemeat fraud
Thousands of DNA tests on European beef products have revealed extensive food fraud across the European Union, with almost one in 20 meals marketed as beef likely to be tainted with horse, the European Commission says. 
Key Words: Fraud, Mislabeling
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency

The Sustainability Generation
I find that more and more people born since the mid 1980's have internalized aspects of an environmental ethos, and that awareness will soon have a major impact on American politics. While Gallup continues to poll on what I consider the false tradeoff between economic growth and environmental protection, even their data reports growing environmental awareness, especially among young people. 
Key Words: Sustainability, Environmental Ethos
Trust Issues: Accountability, Responsibility

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