Trust Digest 99 (June 8, 2015)

NowThis Media Sees A Big Appetite For Short News Videos, With 200M Views In May

Online video news company NowThis Media says it has seen dramatic growth, going from 1 million video views a year ago, to 50 million earlier this year, to 200 million in May.

Key Words: NowThis, 200M, Startup, Platform, Growth, Monetization, Content

Trust Issues: Alignment of Interests, Stakeholders’ Trust, External Trust, Trust in Internet, Capability

Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s Fallen Chief, Held Up as a Hero at Home

His reputation may be deeply tarnished in the world of soccer, and beyond. A widening swirl of corruption allegations points to deep rot in the organization he has run. And after 17 years atop one of sports' most powerful groups, his downfall was a shattering crash heard the globe over.

Key Words: VISP, Switzerland, FIFA, Soccer, Reputation, Corrupt, Monopoly

Trust Issues: Conflict of Interests, Due Diligence, Corruption, Stakeholders’ Trust, Integrity

HackerOne Connects Hackers With Companies, and Hopes for a Win-Win

In 2011, two Dutch hackers in their early 20s made a target list of 100 high-tech companies they would try to hack. Soon, they had found security vulnerabilities in Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and 95 other companies' systems.

Key Words: Hackers, Michiel Prins, Jobert Abma, HackerOne, Cybersecurity, Rewarding, Government

Trust Issues: Cyber-information, Alignment of Interests, Corporation Security, Similarities, Integrity

Deutsche Bank picks new CEO at emergency meeting after 2 co-CEOs quit

Deutsche Bank said Sunday that its co-CEOs are resigning from their positions early and that it has picked John Cryan, a former UBS AG finance chief, to be their successor.

Key Words: Deutsche Bank, John Cryan, Anshu Jain, Leadership, Risk, Interest Rates, Restore Confidence

Trust Issues: Leadership Trust, Managerial Trust, Trust in Co-Ownership, Conflict of Interests, Capability

European Leaders Voice Frustration With Greece in Debt Crisis

World leaders on Sunday increased the pressure on Europe to resolve the crisi over Greek debt, hours after one of the chief European negotiators expressed exasperation with the way the Greek leader was handling the talks.

Key Words: Greek Debt, G-7 Meeting, I.M.F., Government Proposal, Euro, Creditors

Trust Issues: Creditors’ Trust, Trust in Government, Alignment of Interests, Debt Crisis, Benevolence

Here’s how I made $41,879 as an AirBNB host

I live in Bangkok, the second most popular city tourist destination in the world. I have been an AirBNB host for just over two years, welcoming over 700 people from more than 70 countries and making nearly $42,000.

Key Words: Bangkok, Photo, Cleanliness, Guests, Verification, References, Response, Review

Trust Issues: Communication, Trust in Word of Mouth, Responsibility, Hospitality, Honesty, Integrity

Stock Buybacks That Hurt Shareholders

We're in a stock buyback binge. Companies are tripping over themselves to repurchase their own shares this year, and most investors see this as a bonanza.

Key Words: Repurchase, Buyback Program, Stockholders, Shareholders, Investors, Qualcomm

Trust Issues: Asymmetrical Information, Conflict of Interests, Work Ethics, Trust in Executive Management, Trust in Stockholders, Benevolence

Why a Presidential Campaign Is the Ultimate Startup

A new start-up in Brooklyn Heights has 80,000 square feet of freshly leased office space, computer boxes used as improvised furniture and enormous ambitions.

Key Words: Political Campaign, Election, Startup, Motives, Persuasion, Management, Success

Trust Issues: Managerial Trust, Employees’ Trust, Voters’ Trust, Alignment of Interests, Due Diligence, Similarities, Communication

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