Trust Digest 98 (June 1, 2015)

The Most Staggering Part of FIFA's $150 Million Bribery Scandal

The U.S. Department of Justice's corruption charges against nine FIFA officials and five corporate executives is one of the most meaningful steps ever taken to clean up soccer's international governing body.

Key Words: Bribery, Corruption, Allegation, Whistle-blower, Soccer Universe, $1.5 million

Trust Issues: Trust Abuse in Organization, Information Transparency, Work Morale and Ethics

Tom Thibodeau Reportedly hadn't talked to Bulls management in 4 months, and players were starting to turn on him before he was fired

The Chicago Bulls have fired coach Tom Thibodeau. The split was expected, as there have been rumblings about Thibodeau's rocky relationship with the Bulls front office throughout the year.

Key Words: Chicago Bulls, Thibodeau, Firing, Hiring, Reputation

Trust Issues: Alignment of Interests, Team Trust, Employee Trust, Internal Change

US Colleges Expelled Thousands of Chinese Students Last Year for Bad Grades and Cheating

Roughly 8,000 Chinese students were expelled from US colleges and universities last year, predominantly for bad grades and cheating, according to a new report from WholeRen Education.

Key Words: 8,000 Chinese Students, Top-notch, Academic Dishonesty, GPA, Plagiarism, Dismissal

Trust Issues: Trust in University, Self-discipline, Integrity and Honesty, Academic Morale

Here's how Dick Costolo deals with Wall Street calling for his head

On stage at Re/Code's Code Conference on Thursday, host Kara Swisher asked the million-dollar question bluntly while interviewing Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: "Are you going to have your job by the end of the year?"

Key Words: Twitter, Job, Strategy, Grit, Resiliency, CEO, Self-awareness, Wall Street, Team

Trust Issues: Alignment of Interests, Team Trust, Stakeholders’ Interests, Executive Management

Millennials don't care about owning anything, and it's destroying traditional retail

The tendency of millennials to rent instead of buy is turning the retail industry upside down.

Key Words: Millennials, Rent, Airbnb, Clothing, Retailer, Discriminating taste, Online Reviews

Trust Issues: Openness Information, Consumer Interests, Trust in Ownership, Changing Behavior

Google's genius futurist has one theory that he says will rule the future - and it's a little terrifying

Futurist Ray Kurzweil has made headlines with his provocative yet often accurate predictions, like that a computer would beat a human in chess (already happened) or that self-driving cars would take us everywhere (starting to happen).

Key Words: Predictions, Exponential Growth, Moore’s Law, Singularity, Kurzweil, Elon Musk

Trust Issues: Information Technology, Trust in Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship

Kohl's found a brilliant way to profit from a huge waste

Returned merchandise costs retailers billions of dollars every year. Now, the department store Kohl's has a plan to make money from the merchandise by opening an off-price store stocked entirely with returns, Racked reports, citing Chain Store Age.

Key Words: Kohl’s, Returned Merchandise, Victoria’s Secret, Shredded, Discontinued, Discounted

Trust Issues: Trust in Customers, Brand Reputation and Protection, Conflict of Interests, Work Ethics

The founder of the Silk Road drug marketplace has been sentenced to life in prison without parole

The convicted mastermind behind the world's largest online narcotics emporium has been sentenced by a federal judge to two terms of life in prison and three lesser sentences, USA Today reports.

Key Words: Ulbricht, Silk Road, Drug-Overdose, E-commerce, Narcotics Emporium, Imprisonment

Trust Issues: Conflict of Interests, Information Violation, Criminal Liability, Internet Trust

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