Trust Digest 97a (May 18, 2015)

Whistleblower Programs: Who Should Be in Charge?
Whistleblower programs that operate outside of an ethics and compliance function can expose an organization to a set of risks that can ultimately impact reputation, according to Keith Darcy, an independent senior advisor to Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Maureen Mohlenkamp, a principal with Deloitte LLP. Putting in place rigorous protocols and procedures from the start, especially those involving helpline and hotline communications and case follow-ups, and applying them consistently, is essential. 
Key Words: Whistleblower, Responsibility, Protocols, Investigation, Retaliation, Organization
Trust Issues: Alignment of interests, Work ethics, Information Transparency

Customer Service and Trust in the Internet Economy
The Internet may well be the most important technological innovation in my lifetime, the engine that’s been pulling the economy and society from the industrial age of the past 200 years to our 21st century digital age. But, it’s important to remember that in addition to their many benefits, technological revolutions are also highly disruptive.
Key Words: Internet, Net Neutrality, Digital, Customer Relationship, Trust
Trust Issues: Earn the trust of customers, Net Neutrality, Conflict of Interests

Earning Patient Trust Crucial to Health Care Reform
Patients are understandably anxious, if not downright fearful, about how their personal medical data is handled and shared, yet health care transformation is contingent on earning their trust. 
Key Words: Healthcare, Privacy, Electronically, Health Information, Risk, Security, Data
Trust Issues: Trustworthy data, Alignment of Interest, Patient Privacy and Security

I.M.F. and Central Bank Loom Large Over Greece’s Debt Talks
Greek leaders have fought fiercely in recent months with politicians from other European countries over relief on Greece’s vast debt load. Yet the power to decide the fate of Greece lies not just in the hands of these national governments, but also with unelected officials at two powerful institutions: the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Each is a creditor to Greece, and each is expecting the country to repay it billions of dollars of debt in the coming weeks.
Key Words: Greece, Debt, I.M.F., Adviser, Central Bank
Trust Issues: Alignment of Interests, Interdependence

How to predict whether a boss will be great or terrible during an interview
With employment opportunities improving, now could be the perfect time to apply for a more fulfilling position. But your next job should be the right job, and being proactive in evaluating your prospective boss can result in positive, even life-changing results. When searching for a great job and boss, you must become a bit of a sleuth.
Key Words: Employment opportunity, Interview, Networking, Collaboration
Trust Issues: Control, trust, delegation

What ice skating taught me about running a successful business
The way we do anything is the way we do everything. For me, the sport of skating laid down the basic skills to help my businesses achieve success.
Key Words: Ice skating, entrepreneurship, business, can’t, can
Trust Issues: Teamwork, Collaboration, Alignment of Interests, Confidence in People

The one part of the world Uber has yet to conquer
Uber is increasingly ubiquitous around the world. Now, the ride-hailing giant — backed by $5.9 billion in venture-capital funding — operates in 55 countries and 200 cities around the world. But there's still one area of the world Uber needs to work on before it can truly achieve international status.
Key Words: Uber, India, Asia-Pacific, Funding, Global expansion
Trust Issues: Obtaining trust, Transparency, Legal regulation

The people who control the internet got together in a room yesterday – here’s what they’re worried about
On Thursday, in a large Romanesque ballroom on Manhattan’s Amsterdam Avenue, the people who make the big decisions relating to the underlying technology of what we call the "internet" sat discussing the future.
Key Words: Integrity, information, Online, Internet, Truth, Cyber-Security, Internet Governance
Trust Issues: Openness, Privacy, Management, Information Trust

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