Trust Digest 96 (May 11, 2015)

ESPN vs. Bill Simmons: An insider’s account of their sudden breakup
It was hardly surprising, given their recent history, but the breakup between ESPN and Bill Simmons, one of its biggest stars, last week was shocking at least in its timing, coming four months before his contract was to expire in September.
Key Words: ESPN, Twitter, Simmons, Skipper, N.F.L., Breakup
Trust Issues: Transparency, Alignment of Interests

Trust In Non-governmental Organizations Sinks Due To Money Focus: Survey
Trust in non-governmental organizations has fallen in the past year amid concerns they have become too money focused, according to an annual survey on Tuesday that found global trust in major institutions at a five-year low.
Key Words: Non-governmental Organization, NGO, Fundraising, Business, Performance
Trust Issues: Conflict of Interests, Alignment of Interests

Joel Peterson of JetBlue on Listening Without an Agenda
This interview with Joel Peterson, chairman of JetBlue Airways and founder of Peterson Partners, an investment firm, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant.
Key Words: Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Listening, JetBlue, Judgement
Trust Issues: Empathy, Alignment of Interests

4 stages for Successful Business Networking
Everything in life has stages. Sometimes, the progression of stages, like learning to crawl then learning to walk, is obvious. An important stage people often don’t invest enough time into is business relationships. Over the past two years I have been engrossed in relationship building for my company. Ajax Union is a digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. We help companies generate leads and brand awareness online.
Key Words: Networking, Business Relationships, Acquaint, Ally, Trust, Allow
Trust Issues: Relationships, Interdependence

Why Micromanagers are usually better than hands-off bosses
LinkedIn Influencer Travis Bradberry published this post originally on LinkedIn. When I entered the workforce after college, I first became acquainted with the term "micromanagement."
Key Words: Leadership, Micromanagement, consistent, abdication,manage, depending, distrustful
Trust Issues: Control, trust, delegation 

Why Millennials don’t want to run for political office
Millennials have all sorts of ideas as to how to improve the world. They just don't trust government to put these ideas to work.
Key Words: Millennials, political, Generation X, confidence, trust, privacy, elite, social imbalance
Trust Issues: Generational trust 

Fred Wilson: Here’s why companies like Airbnb should share their data with the government
Legendary venture capitalists Ron Conway and Fred Wilson kicked off TechCrunch Disrupt NY on Monday Morning.
Key Words: Anonymized data, Airbnb, Government regulations, Transparency, Trust, Tech companies
Trust Issues: Transparency

4 common reasons half of all new executives fail

Companies are moving younger employees with less tenured experience into executive roles faster than ever. And they don't always prepare these leaders for what they will find at the top.
Key Words: Executives, Mutual Relationships,  Deep Trust, Leaders, Power, Executive Leadership
Trust Issues: Openness, Stakeholders, Micromanagement

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