Trust Digest 84 (February 17, 2015)

Analysis: Why Kurds Are Losing Patience With the U.S. Over ISIS
Just a few dozen soldiers with automatic rifles and an old Humvee guard the Kurdish front line against ISIS. This Kurdish outpost near the Mosul Dam is attacked several times a day, every day. So far, ISIS has sent twenty car bombs to try to destroy it. The Kurds are hanging on, barely, and are increasingly frustrated. They want to know why the U.S. — their ally — isn't helping more or supplying the guns and ammunition they seek.
Key Words: Foreign Affairs, Alliance, Patience
Trust Issues: Commitment, Partnership

Climate Change Progress Is Possible
Fifty years ago this week, Lyndon Johnson, in pushing America to clean up its air and water, made a prescient prediction: “This generation has altered the composition of the atmosphere on a global scale,” Johnson wrote as part of a message to Congress on environmental protection, “through…a steady increase in carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels.”
Key Words: Climate Change, EPA
Trust Issues: Leadership, Tragedy of the Commons

Apple Invests $850 Million in Solar Power, Citing Climate Change
Apple has set its sights on the sun as a power source in the past, and another big project is on the horizon. CEO Tim Cook announced Tuesday at a Goldman Sachs technology conference that the company is investing roughly $850 million in the California Flats Solar Project, a solar farm to be built by First Solar in Monterey County in California.
Key Words: Solar Power, Sustainability, Climate
Trust Issues: Leadership, Stewardship

VA Health System Added to High Risk List for Failing to Fix Problems
The U.S. military veterans’ health-care system ranks among the most troubled of all government programs after failing to make more than 100 recommended changes including shorter wait times for care, says a watchdog report set for release Wednesday.
Key Words: Veterans Affairs, Health Care, Risk, Mismanagement
Trust Issues: Moral Obligation, Accountability

VF Corp. Looks to Cut Chemicals in Textile Manufacturing
Back in 2011, Letitia Webster, now senior director of global sustainability for VF Corp., was asked to start and lead the company’s global sustainability program. This involved creating a framework to align sustainability efforts across the corporation’s 30 brands, including The North Face, Timberland and Vans.
Key Words: Environment, Sustainability
Trust Issues: Sustainability, Environment

Confusion and Frustration Abound as São Paulo's Water Crisis Worsens
How long can emergency water supplies safely be stored at home? Do you need to add chlorine? Does drinking water really have a shelf life? A dire water shortage crisis has become a daily reality for millions of people in and around São Paulo, where it is surprisingly difficult to find answers to these suddenly commonplace questions.
Key Words: Crisis, Water, Drought
Trust Issues: Public Utility, Public Safety

Bank of America’s U.S. Deposit-Taking Unit Financed Tax Trades
Bank of America Corp. for years used its government-backed U.S. banking subsidiary to finance billions of dollars in controversial trades that helped hedge funds and other clients avoid taxes, according to internal documents and people familiar with the matter.
Key Words: Tax Avoidance, Risk, Federal Insurance
Trust Issues: Public Trust, Regulation

Fossil fuel industry must take stranded assets seriously, says Tim Yeo
The chairman of parliament’s energy and climate change committee has joined those warning the fossil fuel industry to take the threat of stranded assets seriously, and believes Shell is wrong to write off critics as naive. Tim Yeo, a veteran Conservative MP and nuclear enthusiast, also expressed alarm at the latest delays at the new Hinkley Point building project in Somerset, saying he hoped they would not lead to eventual cancellation.
Key Words: Climate Change, Fossil Fuel
Trust Issues: Sustainability

New Setback for West Coast Ports Dispute
Negotiations to solve the long-running labor dispute at West Coast ports faced another setback Friday, as the federal mediator in charge met separately with both sides, contributing to fears the impasse was getting closer to a complete port shutdown.
Key Words: Leadership, Negotiation
Trust Issues: Labor, Unintended Consequences

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