Trust Digest 8 (June 15, 2013)

New Study Shows Reputation Trumps Money
Conventional wisdom says the best way to get people to do the right thing is to make it worth their while with financial incentives. But a new study shows that there may be an easier undefined and cheaper undefined way: by boosting people’s reputations through the use of peer pressure.
Key Words: Observability, Peer Pressure
Trust Issues: Reputation, Accountability, Responsibility

Sustainability Is a Key Driver of Innovation
A Harvard Business Review article notes: "sustainability is a mother lode of organizational and technological innovations that yield both bottom-line and top-line returns." Today, sustainability is seen as a new way to innovate and gain or maintain competitive advantage.
Key Words: Business Innovation, Sustainability, Competitive Advantage, External Stakeholders
Trust Issue: Communication

Transparency campaigners celebrate a long-awaited result
Today, the European Parliament has passed an historic law which will support the quest for natural resources to benefit all citizens rather than the few. The amendments to the EU Transparency Directive oblige all EU listed (and large non-listed) extractive companies to publish their payments on a country and project level.
Key Word: Extractive Sector
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency

Booz Allen fights reputation damage due to NSA leak
Consulting giant Booz Allen Hamilton took additional steps to repair its reputation after former employee Edward Snowden leaked a secret US government surveillance program to media outlets.
Key Words: Deception, Background Checks
Trust Issues: Reputation, Ethics, Accountability

Three Lies and the Ugly Truth About GOP Health Care Obstruction
According to a recent George Mason University study, the average Republican statement analyzed by nonpartisan fact-checkers is three times more likely to be declared false than true.
Key Word: Obstructionism
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Responsibility, Accountability

Be Benevolent
At this time in history when individuals feel increasingly stressed and isolated, when relationships often stand on shaky ground, when international conflicts are fueled by dwindling resources and increasingly lethal weapons, and when humanity is dumping over nine billions tons of carbon each year into the atmosphere (like throwing 5 billion cars a year up into the sky, most of which stay there) -- benevolence is not just moral, it's essential.
Key Words: Goodwill, Enlightened Self-Interest
Trust Issue: Benevolence

Leadership Skills That Are Mandatory
Following are a set of principles and characteristics that entrepreneurial leaders, like Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin, seem to have in common. Look for these and nurture them in your own context to improve the odds of success for your own startup.
Key Word: Entrepreneurial Leaders
Trust Issues: Communication, Competence, Responsibility

Online reputation: the only asset worth protecting
In a world where our virtual lives are every bit as important as our ‘real’ ones, managing your online presence is becoming a business and personal essential.
Key Word: Online Reputation Management
Trust Issues: Reputation, Responsibility, Accountability

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