Trust Digest 71 (November 4, 2014) 

Ali Yurukoglu: How Biased News Impacts Your Vote
Every day, millions of viewers tune in to Fox News and MSNBC — 24-hour cable news stations that have staked out positions on opposing ends of the ideological spectrum. But how much do political biases in these channels affect viewer ideology and — in turn — voting? A new study sheds light on this question, suggesting that slanted news channels have a measurable effect on election outcomes.
Key Words: Elections, News Media, Bias
Trust Issues: Alignment of Interests, Communication

Banks’ Liquidity Lifeline Stirs Debate
The failure of 11 large banks to pass the US living will process is raising fears that some regulators are trying to cut the industry off from a liquidity lifeline that 200 institutions relied on during the financial crisis. The issue has come up as part of a larger debate about what to do about banks that received government support because they were seen as too big to fail. On one side are officials such as Jeffrey Lacker, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, who suggests safety nets like the Fed’s discount lending window may need to be eliminated because it creates incentives for banks to rely on the government to solve its problems.
Key Words: Banks, Living Will, Too Big to Fail
Trust Issues: Regulation, Capability

Facebook Most Feared Tech Company: Survey
Whether it's a barrage of creepy ads or the constant and confusing tweaks to its settings, Facebook is the technology company that consumers most fear when it comes to privacy. That's according to a poll conducted for by SurveyMonkey.
Key Words: Facebook, Privacy, Data Security
Trust Issues: Alignment of Interests, Benevolence, Transparency

AP Exclusive: Ferguson No-Fly Zone Aimed at Media
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. government agreed to a police request to restrict more than 37 square miles of airspace surrounding Ferguson, Missouri, for 12 days in August for safety, but audio recordings show that local authorities privately acknowledged the purpose was to keep away news helicopters during violent street protests. On Aug. 12, the morning after the Federal Aviation Administration imposed the first flight restriction, FAA air traffic managers struggled to redefine the flight ban to let commercial flights operate at nearby Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and police helicopters fly through the area — but ban others.
Key Words: Ferguson, Media, FAA
Trust Issues: Transparency, Accountability

Outsourcers Strive to Rebuild Reputations after Scandals
The gleaming new Fiona Stanley hospital in Perth, Western Australia, is a state of the art facility, with 783 beds, comprehensive clinical services and extensive research capabilities. Opened last month, the hospital will also be a trailblazer for the private sector in Australia’s largely state-run health system, because Serco, the British outsourcing company, has a $4.3bn contract to provide non-clinical services at Fiona Stanley. Serco is charged with ensuring the hospital’s smooth running, and will even have 18 robots capable of delivering 2,200 freshly cooked meals each day.
Key Words: Outsourcing, Serco, G4S
Trust Issues: Capability, Alignment of Interests

PwC Investor Survey on Governance Identifies Areas where Investors Want Boards to Improve
NEW YORK, Oct. 23, 2014 – Investors are concerned about the ability of US corporate boards to understand emerging risks that can affect their companies, the willingness of boards to hold underperforming directors accountable and the effectiveness of how boards incentivize management through performance metrics, according to PwC’s 2014 Investor Survey on how investors are shaping boards today and into the future. In addition, investors say that board leadership could be more invested in recruiting diverse directors and that directors should be more open to changing their current board composition.
Key Words: Investors, Boards, Diversity
Trust Issues: Capability, Accountability, Transparency

Reporters Slam Red Cross Response To Hurricanes In Brutal AMA
ProPublica reporters Jesse Eisinger and Justin Elliott spoke out in a Reddit AMA this week about their investigation into the Red Cross’ alleged failures during disaster relief after Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy. "What the charity’s CEO said in public — calling the response 'near flawless' — and what we found in internal documents couldn’t be more opposite," the reporters wrote.
Key Words: Red Cross, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Isaac
Trust Issues: Capability, Accountability, Benevolence

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