Trust Digest 7 (June 8, 2013)

Will PRISM damage tech companies’ reputations for privacy?
Privacy is a big selling point for tech firms, particularly those that are asking to host your personal data. That’s what’s so potentially damaging about reports Thursday from The Washington Post and the Guardian that the U.S. government has broad access to data of nine leading Internet firms as part of a surveillance program known as PRISM.
Key Word: Privacy
Trust Issues: Reputation, Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility

The ROI of Doing the Right Thing
Sierra Nevada, independent brewing company in CA pursues sustainability projects because they are the right thing to do, and not because they will add to the bottom line.
Key Words: Sustainability, Long-Term Return
Trust Issues: Accountability, Responsibility

'Integrity,' 'Compliance' Take Center Stage At Wal-Mart Annual Meeting
Wal-Mart has come under criticism recently for its handling of bribery allegations in Mexico and safety of overseas operations.
Key Words: Integrity, Compliance
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Reputation, Accountability, Responsibility

Lying undermines a market economy
Lying today is so common among public officials that American citizens cynically expect them to lie. By making lying commonplace in political affairs, high-level public officials set the stage for chaos not only in the political order but also in the economic order through the rationalization that if it’s ok for public officials to lie on public matters what possibly could be wrong with lying on the part of buyers and sellers in private matters?
Key Words: Lying, Market Economy, Plausible Deniability
Trust issues: Responsibility, Integrity, Ethics

Is Corporate Social Responsibility Worth All the Hype?
CSR has become an increasingly important part of doing business in recent years, as more customers are looking to buy from companies with practices that match their own values, especially when it comes to environmental issues.
Key Words: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Brand Loyalty
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Accountability

Chrysler puts reputation at risk in recall battle with NHTSA
Chrysler put its reputation for safety and quality on the line when it said Tuesday it would defy a federal request to recall 2.7 million Jeep Grand Cherokees and Jeep Libertys over deaths from rear-end collision fires.
Key Word: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Trust Issues: Reputation, Responsibility, Accountability

EPA grants ethics, cyber-security certificates to fake employee 'Richard Windsor'
Environmental Protection Agency officials granted at least six ethics and cyber-security certifications to "Richard Windsor," the fake employee invented for former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson's use for conducting official business.
Key Words: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Cyber-Security Certifications
Trust Issues: Ethics, Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility

IRS betrayed American trust, says new chief
In light of a series of controversies recently dogging the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Daniel Werfel, its new acting commissioner, acknowledged on Monday that the agency violated the public's trust.
Key Word: Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Trust Issues: Reputation, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency

How to Dispel Distrust at Work
It's very easy to create a climate of distrust. According to Mitzi László, a neuroscientist, it takes .07 seconds for our primitive brains to move to "threat-based interpretations" of any uncertainty or danger we perceive. So how can we prime our brains for trust instead?
Key Word: Distrust
Trust Issues: Transparency, Self-Interest, Responsibility

Seven Somewhat Unexpected Truths About Liars and Lying
Modern “social” life is ripe for temptation so it’s especially helpful to recognize some myths and counter-intuitive truths about lying.
Key Word: Lying
Trust Issue: Reputation

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