Trust Digest 64 (September 16, 2014)

Uncertain About Hiring, Some Companies Try ‘Test Drives’
Hiring and retaining employees is a struggle for all sorts of companies, but at smaller ones the stakes can be especially high. “One bad seed can really have an impact on your culture,” said Mona Bijoor, founder and chief executive of Joor, a company based in New York that created a wholesale marketplace to connect retailers and brands. Trouble is, the traditional hiring process — résumés, interviews, references — offers only a cursory view of job candidates, she said, particularly those who are early in their careers. Add to this the fast pace, the long hours and the highs and lows of a start-up or a small business, and high turnover seems inevitable.
Key Words: HR, Culture, Employee Relations
Trust Issues: Alignment of Interests, Benevolence

D.C. Circuit Won't Televise NSA Arguments
A federal appeals court set to wrestle with the legality of the National Security Agency's massive collection of information on Americans' phone calls will not do so in front of TV cameras, the court said in an order Monday. Without comment, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit denied a motion surveillance opponent Larry Klayman and his clients filed last week seeking to televise the oral arguments in the case, currently set for November 4. The court acted before the government stated a position on the request. The order (posted here) does not indicate which specific judges denied Klayman's motion.
Key Words: NSA, Privacy Rights
Trust Issues: Transparency, Integrity

Good Corporate Governance Leads to Higher Stock Gains - Study
Good corporate governance and a focus on environmental and social issues by companies lead to higher share price performance, according to a new study released on Monday. The study by the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford and Arabesque Asset Management found that such practices lower the cost of capital for a company and ultimately translate into cashflows.
Key Words: Corporate Governance, Trust and Profit
Trust Issues: Integrity, Sustainability

Are Internal Audit Clients Always Right?
When customers are unhappy, most organizations will scramble to fix the situation. As the old adage goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, even when a complaint might seem groundless. So, does this translate to our profession? Are internal audit clients always right, too? And how far should we go to accommodate a client's point of view, especially when we are convinced they really might be wrong? Internal auditors serve many stakeholders. We can't simply back off recommendations to one when we know other stakeholders are depending on our assurance. There are no money-back guarantees in internal auditing, because customer satisfaction cannot always be assured, but our goal is to come to consensus.
Key Words: Internal Audit
Trust Issues: Communication, Alignment of Interests

Investments in Clean Energy Pay Off
At the center of MIT’s sprawling campus in Cambridge, Mass., the Barker Library dome rises as a proud symbol of one of the world’s most renowned universities. Over the years, MIT pranksters have hoisted replicas of the Apollo Lunar module, a subway car, even a snowman, on its beloved top. A century old, this MIT icon now glows with the future.
Key Words: MIT, Clean Energy
Trust Issues: Sustainability, Capability

Americans' Trust in Executive, Legislative Branches Down
Americans' trust in each of the three branches of the federal government is at or near the lows in Gallup's trends, dating back to the early 1970s. Americans' trust in the legislative branch fell six percentage points this year to a new low of 28%. Trust in the executive branch dropped eight points, to 43%, and trust in the judicial branch, at 61%, is also the lowest measured to date.
Key Words: Trust In Government, Gallup
Trust Issues: Capability, Alignment of Interests

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