Trust Digest 30 (November 26, 2013) 

Breaking The Corruption Habit

The Corruption Perception Index 2009 (published by Transparency International) indicates that on average, two out of three companies report internal cases of corruption. The Corruption Perception Index 2009 revealed another related conclusion: crisis itself seems to breed further corruption within companies.

Key Words: Corruption

Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

Sustainability meets the bottom line: a closer look at corporations

Large publicly traded companies, some worth more than entire countries, are often demonized for their impact on society and the planet. Critics point out that corporations are beholden to the Gods of ever-increasing profits and higher dividends, pushing sustainability to the sidelines. But it's clear that their participation is critical to the success of sustainability.

Key Words: Sustainability

Trust Issues: Competence, Integrity, Ethics

More transparency sought from audit committees

A consortium of U.S. governance organizations is calling on public company audit committees to enhance reporting about their activities. Increasing transparency about the audit committee’s roles and responsibilities could increase investor confidence, according to the organizations’ new Enhancing the Audit Committee Report: A Call to Action.

Key Words: Transparency, Audit Committees

Trust Issues: Communication, Competence

Luxembourg, Cyprus, Switzerland fail tax transparency test – OECD

Luxembourg, Cyprus, the British Virgin Islands, Switzerland and the Seychelles do not meet international standards on tax transparency, potentially putting investments in the countries at risk, the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes said on Friday.

Key Words: Transparency, Reputation

Trust Issues: Accountability, Responsibility

Executive’s suicide damaged reputation of Zurich, says CEO

Global chief executive of Zurich Insurance Group Martin Senn has told The Irish Times the fallout from the suicide in August of chief financial officer Pierre Wauthier caused significant reputational damage for the Swiss company

Key Words: Reputation, Reputational Damage

Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

Scandal Tarnishes a British Bank’s Reputation

Britain’s Co-operative Bank once prided itself on being a beacon of ethical standards in a financial sector blamed for the country’s economic problems. But a series of scandals involving the struggling bank’s former chairman, Paul Flowers, who was also a Methodist minister, has tarnished its image, shined a harsh light on financial regulators and embarrassed Britain’s politicians.

Key Words: Corruption, Scandal

Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

Studying Ethics May Cause People To Act Unethically

Ethical philosophy isn't the most scintillating of subjects, but it has its moments. Take, for example, the work of the U.S. philosopher Eric Schwitzgebel, who's spent a large chunk of his career confirming the entertaining finding that ethicists aren't very ethical.

Key Words: Moral Licensing

Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics


Trust, Reputation, Authority: Critical To Make The Web Work For Business

Businesses of every size, face the exact same challenge: The need to be personable in their communication, delivering not just a sales pitch but a clear idea of their values, goals, and even personality. In a Web that is now rendered transparent by the connectivity of semantic searchundefineda business needs to have consistency. Its ‘message’ has to form a narrative, which becomes key to creating an online ‘voice’. This is its digital identity, helping it create a reputation and generating a sense of trust.

Key Words: Trust, Reputation, Authority

Trust Issues: Communication, Competence

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