Trust Digest 29 (November 19, 2013)

Big Data Has A Trust Problem

What's stopping your company from getting the most value from its big-data project? A lack of trust might be to blame, according to a new report from IBM.

Key Words: Big Data, Trust Gap

Trust Issues: Communication

Sustainability Business Success Hinges on CEO Mindset Change

Sustainable business initiatives will fail unless business leaders change their mindset to see business, civil society and nature as “deeply and existentially” interconnected, according to a Harvard Business Review article.

Key Words: Sustainability Initiatives, Emotional Drivers

Trust Issues: Accountability, Responsibility

People Are More Honest In The Morning, Study Suggests

According to new research, people are more likely to be dishonest in the afternoons than in the mornings because of diminishing self-control throughout the day.

Key Words: Moral Compass, Diminishing Self-Control

Trust Issues: Accountability, Ethics, Integrity

Corporate Social Responsibility: The Key To Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

Up-and-coming leaders today are looking for more than a good salary – they’re searching for meaning in their day-to-day work and they tie their personal values more closely to their career than previous generations. This leaves companies with the choice. Either they increase the opportunities for very highly skilled employees to engage with societal issues or they don’t, and are likely to find many of their best people leave the organization to find one that meets their expectations.

Key Words: CSR, Sustainability, Social Intrapreneurs

Trust Issues: Responsibility, Accountability

Ancient wisdom and new thinking on integrity ... how to avoid financial crises

The likely $13bn (£8.9bn) fine imposed on JPMorgan by the US government has created a lot of buzz recently. Many other banks are also likely to be implicated in a system so complex that individual actors could not comprehend the global impacts of their risky actions. As a recent Guardian Sustainable Business article points out, the resulting loss of credibility for banks is so severe that trust has now become a vital but scarce capital for modern banking.

Key Words: Whole Blindness, Being-Centered Leadership

Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

The Ethical Manager

A recent EY survey of businesses reported by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants found, not surprisingly, that the current economic downturn among the BRIC countries is increasing pressure for unethical behaviour. That is nothing new: pressure on profits puts pressure on ethics. What can a manager do?

Key Words: National Cultures, Ethical Norms

Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

In Twitter We Trust ... Maybe

Consumers around the world are willing to support new uses of personal data, but only if they trust an organization to steward data in ways that will not harm them. Companies generating trust in this area will be able to access 5 to 10 times more personal data for new uses than those that lag behind. That data windfall could provide enough revenue to support the sky-high stock market valuations of today.

Key Words: Privacy Cliff, Data Stewardship

Trust Issues: Privacy, Transparency, Reputation

Ten ingredients for embedding sustainability into leadership

Today, if you want to learn to lead better, place your leadership in the context of sustainability. Sustainability is a leadership task. It creates meaning. It creates a better world. Can we afford to delink leadership development and sustainability purpose? Is it even possible to separate the 'how' of leadership from the 'what for' and 'where to'?

Key Words: Global Sustainability, Leadership Development

Trust Issues: Responsibility, Accountability, Communication, Competence

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