Trust Digest 24 (October 15, 2013)

CEO Of Bloomingdale's: 'If You Don't Have Trust, You Have No Leadership'
According to Michael Gould, chief executive of Bloomingdale's, this trust is the fundamental basis of leadership.
Key Words: Bloomingdales, CEO
Trust Issues: Accountability, Communication, Integrity

Bigger Payouts Seen for U.S. Financial Market Whistleblowers
In the two years since U.S. market regulators launched programs to encourage whistleblowers to report corporate wrongdoers, all of five people have been rewarded, but officials are bolstering their efforts and predict lucrative payouts for tipsters.
Key Words: Whistleblowers, SEC, Regulation
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Integrity, Ethics, Motives, Stakeholders, Regulation

Deutsche Bank’s Jain Says FX Allegations Eroding Trust
Deutsche Bank AG Co-Chief Executive Anshu Jain, whose company is the world’s biggest trader of currencies, said allegations that traders rigged those markets have further eroded trust in the financial industry.
Key Words: Deutsche Bank, Trust
Trust Issues: Competence, Integrity, Reputation

In Move to Transparency, Vatican Bank Issues First Report
The Vatican bank, dogged for decades by scandals and opaque dealings, published the first annual report in its 125-year history on Tuesday.
Key Words: Vatican, Transparency
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics, Transparency

You’re Nicked, Your Honour
Corruption scandals are so common in Indonesia that it takes a lot to shock people. Yet the arrest of Akil Mochtar, the chief justice of the constitutional court, managed to do it.
Key Words: Indonesia, Corruption
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Ethics, Transparency, Corruption, Regulation

Transparency is the Only Answer to a Price Freeze

The uncomfortable truth is that the energy business is not trusted. It spends millions of pounds on public relations, advertising and sponsorships but it is still considered to be exploiting its market position to the detriment of the ordinary consumer.
Key Words: Energy, Trust, Transparency
Trust Issues: Communication, Integrity, Transparency

‘Dutch Sandwich’ Grows as Google Shifts €8.8bn to Bermuda
Google funneled €8.8bn of royalty payments to Bermuda last year, a quarter more than in 2011, underlining the rapid expansion of a strategy that has saved the US internet group billions of dollars in tax.
Key Words: Google, Tax
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Accountability, Regulation, Reputation

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