Trust Digest 167 (November 28, 2016)

Fentanyl Billionaire Comes Under Fire as Death Toll Mounts From Prescription Opioids
Employees of John N. Kapoor’s Insys Therapeutics bribed doctors to prescribe large, off-label doses of painkiller, prosecutors charge.      
Key Words: Prescription opioids, Insys Therapeutics  
Trust Issues: Transparency, Risk Tolerance

High court to examine mental disability, death penalty issue  
The U.S. Supreme Court is set to examine whether the nation’s busiest state for capital punishment is trying to put to death a convicted killer who’s intellectually disabled, which would make him ineligible for execution under the court’s current guidance.
Key Words: U.S. Supreme Court, death penalty  
Trust Issues: Transparency, Adjustment 

How to Kill the Volcker Rule? Don’t Enforce It  
Big banks spent years railing against the so-called Volcker rule, which bars them from making wagers with their own money. Now, with the imminent arrival of the Trump administrations, some banks and lawyers are eyeing a new way to defang the rule: Simply stop enforcing it. 
Key Words: Volcker rule, big banks  
Trust Issues: Situational Adjustment, Volatility

Donald Trump Alleges That ‘Millions of People’ Voted Illegally  
President-elect Donald Trump dismissed charges Sunday that his victory was illegitimate, lashing out on Twitter at critics who point to Hillary Clinton’s lead of more than two million votes in the national popular vote as evidence. 
Key Words: Illegal voters, Trump  
Trust Issues: Conflict of Interests, Volatility

China detains 9 managers after plant collapse kills 74  
Nine executives are being held responsible by the Chinese government for a power plant accident where 74 workers were killed when an under-construction cooling tower collapsed, state media reported Monday.  
Key Words: China, plant collapse  
Trust Issues: Risk Tolerance, Accountability  

Thousands protest across India against currency policy  
Thousands of people demonstrated across India on Monday to protest the government’s sudden decision to withdraw large-denomination currency from circulation, a move that has caused enormous hardship to millions of people in the county’s predominantly cash-based economy.  
Key Words: India, currency  
Trust Issues: Conflict of Interests, Volatility

Deutsche Telekom says fixed network outage may be work of hackers  
Hundreds of thousands of Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany have been hit by network outages that could be the work of hackers, the company and government security experts said on Monday. 
Key Words: Deutsche Telekom, hackers, Germany  
Trust Issues: Conflict of Interests, Volatility

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