Trust Digest 146 (July 5, 2016)

Three Former Barclays Traders Convicted in Libor-Rigged Case  
Three former Barclays employees have been convicted of conspiracy to defraud in connection with an investigation into the manipulation of Libor rates. 
Key Words: Barclays, Libor  
Trust Issues: Integrity, Power, Benevolent Concern  

Brexit Vote Paralyzes Companies Across Europe  
Britain’s vote last month to leave the European Union have put corporate planning and investment on hold. 
Key Words: Brexit, E.U.  
Trust Issues: Risk Tolerance, Situational Security

Myanmar can draw inspiration from Mandela as it seeks to heal internal rifts 
As Myanmar looks to reconcile the differences between its Buddhist majority and Rohingya Muslin minority, it could do worse than follow Nelson Mandela’s lead.
Key Words: Myanmar, Nelson Mandela  
Trust Issues: Similarities, Power, Integrity 

Bombers attack across Saudi Arabia including at mosque in Medina  
Attackers strike outside the US consulate in Jeddah, near Prophet’s Mosque in Medina and in Qatif as end of Ramadan nears. 
Key Words: Ramadan, Saudi Arabia, attacks  
Trust Issues: Risk Tolerance, Situational Security 

‘Not on the same page’: Brexit poses threat to British universities  
Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has left the country’s universities with a problem to solve—how to plug a funding gap and maintain prestige if the flood of students from across the EU slows to a trickle.  
Key Words: Brexit, universities 
Trust Issues: Risk Tolerance, Similarities  

Turkey proposes cooperation with Russia in fighting Islamic State  
Turkey said on Monday it wanted to cooperate with Moscow in combating Islamic State in Syria but denied having suggested it might allow Russia to use its Incirlik Air Base, near the Syrian frontier. 
Key Words: Turkey, Russia, ISIS 
Trust Issues: Risk Tolerance, Similarities, Situational Security 

At Olympic Track Trials, Spotlight Is on Boris Berian After Nike Lawsuit    
Endorsement-contract dispute brings track star sudden popularity. 
Key Words: Rio Games, Nike lawsuit, breached contract 
Trust Issues: Integrity, Similarities 

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