Trust Digest 138 (May 4, 2016)

Donald Trump’s Win Just Latest Tremor Shaking GOP  
The Democrats are shaken and shaking, too, of course. Hillary Clinton’s weak showing in Indiana, along with a series of other recent states, is further evidence that the Democratic Party’s initial story line—which was supposed to be one of Clinton inevitability and ease of nomination—was no closer to accurate. 
Key Words: Donald Trump, GOP, Republican Party 
Trust Issues: Relative Power, Benevolent Concern, Security, Predictability, Integrity 

AT&T Unwinds 15-Year Web Alliance With Yahoo  
AT&T Inc. is unwinding a 15-year partnership with Yahoo Inc. that has spanned the evolution of the Internet, from competing against AOL dial-up service to jockeying against cable companies to selling high-speed broadband. 
Key Words: AT&T, Yahoo, Verizon 
Trust Issues: Security, Integrity, Predictability 

MetLife to Pay $25 Million Finra Penalty Over Variable Annuities 
MetLife Inc. agreed to pay $25 million for allegedly misleading customers about retirement-income products, regulators said Tuesday, in one of the largest such settlements to date.
Key Words: MetLife, Retirement Products, Misleading 
Trust Issues: Security, Predictability, Integrity 

US Justice Department: North Carolina's 'bathroom law' violates the Civil Rights Act  
The law in question prevents local governments in North Carolina from passing nondiscrimination ordinances, and bans transgender people from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. 
Key Words: US Justice Department, Civil Rights Act, Bathroom Law 
Trust Issues: Security, Integrity, Adjustment, Capability 

Defending Their Nation’s Honor on Social Media: #PanamaIsMoreThanPapers  
The anonymous message began appearing on Panamanian cellphones days after the news broke that 11.5 million documents, called the Panama Papers, had leaked from a law firm dealing in secretive shell companies.  
Key Words: Panama Papers , Pro-Panama Hashtags 
Trust Issues: Benevolent Concern Adjustment, Capability  

Freddie Mac’s First Quarter Loss Undermines Shareholder Lawsuits  
The lawsuits focus on a 2012 change to the bailout agreements of Freddie and Fannie Mae. This replaced the original 10% dividend owed to the government with a dividend that rises and falls with the profitability of each company. Hedge funds and other investors sued over this so-called net worth sweep, claiming the government was unfairly depriving them of participating in the profits of the companies. 
Key Words: Freddie Mac, First Quarter Loss, Lawsuits, Shareholders 
Trust Issues: Relative Power, Security, Capability, Adjustment 

Here’s How Much People Trust Facebook    
Facebook houses a lot of your personal information — profile pictures, status updates, things you “like,” a list of people you’re “friends” with — but that doesn’t mean everyone trusts it. 
Key Words: Facebook, Trust, Personal Data 
Trust Issues: Benevolent Concern, Adjustment, Security, Predictability, Integrity 

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