Trust Digest 125 (January 27, 2016)

Restoring Trust in Business  
CEOs don’t come to this Swiss village to “improve the state of the world” – as the forum’s motto suggests.   
Key Words: Davos, Fortune, Trust, Business, CEOs 
Trust Issues: Relative Power, Situational Security, Predictability, Integrity 

China's growth data- can you trust it? 
Gross domestic product is a flawed economic indicator, but "if you don't look at GDP, what do you look at?" asks Mr Rafferty. 
Key Words: China, Growth Data, Asia, Europe, US 
Trust Issues: Relative Power, Predictability, Integrity, Benevolent Concern 

Should You Trust A Bank With Your Investments? 
In a culture where we often value convenience over quality, banks and credit unions have become a one stop shop for many of our financial needs.  
Key Words: Trust in Banking, Banks, Credit Unions 
Trust Issues: Situational Security, Predictability, Integrity, Capability, Conflict of Interests  

A top Chinese official was arrested just hours after talking about the biggest threat to its economy 
On Tuesday Wang Baoan, the head of China's National Bureau of Statistics was arrested for "serious violations of party discipline," according to CNN. 
Key Words: China, Official Arrest, National Bureau of Statistics, Yuan, Short Sellers 
Trust Issues: Relative Adjustment, Capability, Relative Power, Benevolent Concern 

California's high-speed rail project is in big trouble 
California's plans for a high-speed rail system are coming undone as indecision over routes undermines progress, the Los Angeles Times reports. 
Key Words: California, High Speed Rail Project, Water system 
Trust Issues: Security, Adjustment, Capability, Benevolent Concern. Conflict of Interests

How to Build Trust and Retain Customers with Interactive Content ?
Attaining and onboarding a new client is 5 to 25 times pricier than holding onto an existing one.  
Key Words: Trust Building, Trust Retain, Feedback, Transparency 
Trust Issues: Security, Predictability, Adjustment , Relative Power 

Believe in this? 'Trust me, I'm a chief executive' 
A small experiment. Which of the following do you consider the most (or least) credible: "Trust me, I'm a doctor", "trust me, I'm an architect", or "trust me, I'm a FTSE chief executive ? " 
Key Words: Chief Executive, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency  
Trust Issues: Relative Power, Adjustment, Security, Predictability, Integrity  

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