Trust Digest 117 (November 17, 2015)

People still don’t trust financial industry, says Bank of England Governor  

Seven years after the financial crisis, public trust in the industry is far from being restored, the Governor of the Bank of England has warned. 
Key Words: Trust in Financial Industry, England, Bank of England, Mark Carney 
Trust Issues
: Level of adjustment, Situational Security, Predictability, Integrity  
VW offers US customers $1000 to regain trust 

German auto maker Volkswagen has announced a ‘Goodwill program’, offering $1,000 gift cards for US customers affected by the emissions cheating scandal.  
Key Words: Building Trust, Banking, US, Regulations, Economic Justice 
Trust Issues: Level of adjustment, Situational Security, Predictability, Integrity 

China-Japan business leaders to promote trust, economy  

Chinese and Japanese business heavyweights and former high-ranking officials agreed in Tokyo on Friday to help promote political mutual trust and economic reciprocity between the two countries.  
Key Words:
 Trust in Business, Trust Building, China, Japan, Political Mutual Trust   
Trust Issues: Predictability, Adjustment, Similarities, Capability, Relative Power

Here’s why you can’t trust a company’s financials  

A new study says auditors’ sign-offs on a company’s books are unreliable a good portion of the time.  
Key WordsFinancial Reports, PCAOB, Audit Firms, Eleanor Bloxham  
Trust IssuesPredictability, Adjustment, Security, Integrity

Finance chiefs feel less confident due to eurozone woes 

Confidence is draining away from finance bosses throughout Europe as ongoing fears about the economic health of the eurozone keep firms from taking a risk on spending, even as their own performance improves.
Key Words: Eurozone, Finance, European Countries, Deloitte  
Trust Issues
: Security, Benevolent Concern, Conflict of Interests, Relative Power 

Chipotle's brand perception is tanking  

Chipotle's recent E. coli contamination scare is hurting consumers' perception of the brand. 
Key Words: Chipotle, E.Coli Contamination, Trust Decline, Brand Perception, Brand Index  
Trust Issues
: Adjustment, Security, Predictability, Integrity, Alignment of Interests 

Brazil Fears Weigh Too Heavily on Santander  

Spanish bank is well prepared for Brazil’s economic woes.  
Key Words: Brazil ,Santander Bank, Recession, Currency Collapse 
Trust Issues
: Adjustment, Similarity, Capability, Risk Tolerance, Predictability, Alignment of Interests    

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