Trust Digest 116b (November 11, 2015)

The Power Of Customer Trust In Brand Marketing

Contributor Jonathan Hinz notes that, in the digital age, addressing your online marketing challenges must start with building a foundation of trust.  
Key Words: Brand Marketing, Online Marketing, Digital Age, Credibility, Communications 
Trust Issues
: Adjustment, Similarity, Capability, Risk Tolerance, Predictability, Alignment of Interests  
5 Principles to Restore Trust in Banking

In today's America, bankers are often seen as uncaring, and media portrayals reflect a view that banks put hardworking people on the streets. Our industry, which should be a key part of helping people achieve their economic and financial goals, has lost consumer trust and has done very little to earn it back. 
Key Words: Building Trust, Banking, US, Regulations, Economic Justice 
Trust Issues: Level of adjustment, Situational Security, Predictability, Integrity 

Business will shrug off our loss of trust

Volkswagen’s damaged reputation was battered again this week when US regulators said it had found excessive nitrogen oxide emissions in luxury Porsche and Audi models. Then the company itself said that it had understated carbon dioxide levels from 800,000 cars, including, for the first time, some with petrol engines. 
Key Words:
 VW, Scandal, Porsche, Audi, Trust Barometer, Toyota  
Trust Issues: Relative Power, Level of Adjustment, Security, Predictability and Integrity

Departing CBI chief: 20 years to restore trust in UK business 

Departing CBI director-general John Cridland believes it will take 20 years to restore the public's trust in business, which was so badly damaged by the financial crisis.    
Key WordsTrust in Business, Trust Building, CBI, John Cridland, UK Business  
Trust IssuesPredictability, Adjustment, Similarities, Capability, Relative Power 


Volkswagen Seeks to Rebuild Trust With U.S. Initiative 

Volkswagen AG, struggling to get out in front of its emissions-cheating scandal is trying to overcome missteps in its crisis-fighting strategy and plans to announce a new sales initiative in the U.S. this week as a small step to start winning back the trust of its disappointed customers and dealers. 
Key Words: Trust Rebuilding, VW, Emissions-Cheating Scandal, US, Environmental Protection Agency 
Trust Issues: Predictability, Adjustment, Security, Integrity  

Tech to end the election gaffe: Trust Science scours social media before reporters do 

The just-ended federal election campaign served up dozens of social media gaffes, from candidates saying they had never heard of Auschwitz to others suggesting 9/11 was an inside job, many of them causing voters across the country to recoil. 
Key Words: Social Media, Trust Science, Ashif Mawji, Facebook, Twitter 
Trust Issues: Security, Benevolent Concern, Conflict of Interests, Relative Power 

Why The Financial Industry Is Getting Nicer 

Last week’s Money20/20 conference delivered further evidence that it really is a new day in the financial industry. There is not just a technological change afoot but an ethical change: a feeling that finance can do more for people than simply move their money around.  
Key Words: Financial Industry, Finance and Philanthropy, Emerging Markets  
Trust Issues: Adjustment, Predictability, Integrity, Security     

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