Trust Digest 114a (October 12, 2015)

After clothes-shreddings, Air France asks for trust

Air France sent an unusual appeal Friday to its passengers worldwide, insisting that the violent, clothes-ripping protests against executives earlier should not scar the airline's reputation. 
Key Words: Air France, Protests, Airline Industry, Reputation 
Trust Issues
: Security, Capability, Predictability, Communication   
Why the trust factor in your business is everything?

When we go and start a business, we tend to do everything else right, like getting the funding, a partner, what to sell, office space, and so on, and what we don't take into account is trust factor. 
Key Words: Trust Factor, Reputation, Brand Name, Customers 
Trust Issues
: Psychological Adjustment,  Security, Similarity, Alignment of Interests, Communication  
Say these three simple words if you want your boss to trust you

Being able to rely on a person- to depend upon them to do what they say they will do- is called trust, says Darlene Price, president of Well Said, Inc.    
Key Words: Trust in Business, Employee- Employer Relationship, Building Trust  

Trust Issues: Psychological Adjustment, Relative Power, Similarities, Security, Alignment of Interests

Central Bankers urge FED to get on with Interest-Rate Increase 

Talk of the Federal Reserve's first rate increase in almost a decade tends to send many investors into a frenzy.  
Key Words: IMF, Meeting, Peru, Federal Reserve, Rate Increase, Bankers 
Trust Issue
: Risk Tolerance, Relative Power, Similarities, Security, Alignment of Interests 

Drug pricing reform could be huge for big pharma- here is who has the most to lose    

The overnight price hike of Daraprim garnered public outrage and political backlash.   
Key Words: Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Industry, Drugs, Treatment, Price Hike  
Trust Issue
: Risk Tolerance, Psychological adjustment, Relative Power, Security 

The bombing of a Pro- Kurdish rally in Ankara highlights the "dangerous cocktail" brewing in Turkey

A twin bombing at a pro-Kurdish rally in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Saturday killed at least 86 people.

Key Words: Turkey, Bombing, Turkish Government, Decline in Trust

Trust Issue: Conflict of Interest, Psychological Adjustment, Security

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