Trust Digest 112 (September 23, 2015)

The CEO of one of America’s most powerful financial institutions says CEOs don’t have all it takes to be president

The CEO of one of America's most powerful financial companies said Sunday that CEOs have some attributes that would serve a president well, but running the country might be better left to a politician.

Key Words: JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, politics, Donald Trump, Democratic, president
Trust Issues: Integrity, Power, Adjustment, Risk Tolerance, Benevolent Concern, Capability

Fed’s Williams Sees 2015 Interest Rate Rise as ‘Appropriate’

John Williams, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, said in a speech Saturday he believes it is still appropriate to raise short-term interest rates before year-end, reiterating a timeline that remains the preference of a majority of Fed officials. 
Key Words: John Williams, U.S. economy, China growth, employment, liquidity, uncertainty
Trust Issues: Conflict of Interest, Risk Tolerance, Capability, Adjustment, Similarity, Situational Security

Xi Jinping, Chinese Leader, Has Weighty Agenda and Busy Schedule for U.S. Visit

Xi Jinpin China's president and Communist Party chief, arrives in the United States next week for his first state visit. For China, a priority will be bolstering Mr. Xi’s stature at home, and the events planned should play well on Chinese television. These include meetings in Seattle with American business executives, a 21-gun salute on the White House lawn and a state dinner, followed by Mr. Xi’s first speech before the United Nations in New York.
Key Words: Seattle, cyberespionage, Lincoln High School, Jack Ma, Apple, cybersecurity
Trust Issues: Predictability, Adjustment, Similarities, Risk Tolerance, Capability, Power, Security

Volkswagen Halts Sales of Some Cars in the U.S.
Volkswagen AG has suspended sales in the U.S. of all vehicles containing its popular four-cylinder TDI engine in light of a U.S. investigation into allegations that the German auto maker manipulated emissions data to get around U.S. antipollution rules, a company spokesman said Sunday. 
Key Word: Four-cylinder TDI engine, software, trust, customer, EPA, safety, emission
Trust Issues: Risk Tolerance, Capability, Predictability, Similarity, Adjustment, Integrity, honesty

Carly Fiorina Aims to Foil Attacks on Her Record as a C.E.O.

Carly Fiorina was ready when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked her to respond to criticism about her record at Hewlett-Packard during last week’s Republican debate. 
Key Words: Hewlett-Packard, super PAC, venture capitalist, corporate greed, tenure, accountability
Trust Issues: Benevolent concern, Adjustment, Alignment of Interest, Capability, Integrity, Similarity

Ronald Perelman’s Bitter Departure Shocks Carnegie Hall Trustees

From the moment Ronald O. Perelman became chairman of Carnegie Hall this year, the classical music world wondered how a billionaire businessman with a reputation for combativeness and a fondness for rock drumming would fit at the helm of the button-down board at the nation’s pre-eminent concert hall.
Key Words: Departure, governance, lack of transparency, criticized, disagreement, Mr. Gillinson
Trust Issue: Capability, Risk Tolerance, Benevolent concern, Conflict of Interest, Adjustment

One energy company is on the verge of a ‘liquidity death spiral’

Occidental Petroleum made a sweet deal on November 30, a masterpiece of Wall Street engineering. And just about every investor that touched it is now getting their hands burned off.

Key Words: Occidental Petroleum, Monterey Shale, Energy spinoffs, dividend, liquidity
Trust Issue: Adjustment, Similarity, Capability, Risk Tolerance, Predictability, Alignment of Interests

Donald Trump is slumping – and 2 new candidates are surging after the big GOP debate

Donald Trump remains the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president — but two candidates have surged after last week's intense CNN debate.
Key Words: CNN debate, Carly Fiorna, Sen. Marco Rubio, “undercard” debate, Planned Parenthood organization
Trust Issue: Alignment of Interests, Situational Adjustment, Predictability, Similarity, Capability

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