Trust Digest 110 (September 3, 2015)

China military parade commemorates WW2 victory

China is holding a lavish parade in Beijing to mark the defeat of Japan in World War Two, showcasing its military might on an unprecedented scale.

President Xi Jinping in his opening speech paid tribute to "the Chinese people who unwaveringly fought hard and defeated aggression" from Japan.

Key Words: WW2, Tiananmen Square, Mr Xi, Troop reduction, 2.3 million, Japan, Mao Zedong
Trust Issues: Power, Adjustment, Risk Tolerance, Situational Security, Capability

No food, no sleep, waves of migrants pile into Munich

A tiny step in dealing with Europe's deadly and massive migrant crisis was attempted Wednesday as Italy, Germany and France sought a united response to the worsening plight of millions of refugees.

Foreign ministers Paolo Gentiloni of Italy, Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany and Laurent Fabius of France presented the European Union with a joint document calling for a revision of asylum rules and a fairer distribution of refugees, according to the Italian Foreign Ministry. 
Key Words: Migrant crisis, Refugees, Italy, Germany, France, Hungary, European Union
Trust Issues: Conflict of Interest, Risk Tolerance, Capability, Volatility, Similarity, Predictability

The US Air Force made a $25 billion accounting error

In a report to Congress last year, the Air Force estimated the cost of the new Long Range Strike Bomber (LRSB) to be $33.1 billion for the next ten years. This year, that price ballooned to $58.2 billion.
Key Words: LRSB, Mark Welsh, discrepancy, underperforming, Raptor, USAF
Trust Issues: Predictability, Adjustment, Similarities, Risk Tolerance, Capability, Power

‘The pay is about half of what I make,’ says HP employee told to take a new job or be fired
In Hewlett-Packard's latest round of layoffs, some employees have been given a layoff ultimatum: Take a new job at another company where HP has a contract-work agreement, or be fired with no layoff package severance. 
Key Word: Layoff, Ciber, contract-labor, one-half, seniority, morale, HP ES, HP Enterprise
Trust Issues: Benevolent concern, Risk Tolerance, Capability, Predictability, Similarity, Integrity

Judge grants class-action status to Uber drivers who are suing to be classified as employees

Uber suffered a major legal setback on Tuesday when a San Francisco judge ruled that the jobs of Uber drivers in California are similar enough that workers can sue the company as a class. The class-action status means that many of California's 160,000 current and former Uber drivers could be reclassified as employees of the company, rather than independent contractors, if the lawsuit prevails. 

Key Words: Similar, class-action, California, employees, reclassified, cost, independent contractor
Trust Issues: Benevolent concern, Adjustment, Alignment of Interest, Capability, Similarity

Hillary Clinton’s defense of her personal email server just got a little weaker

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has repeatedly claimed that she never sent or received information as US secretary of state that was marked classified at the time.
Key Words: Private, classified, information, confidence, declassification, server
Trust Issue: Capability, Risk Tolerance, Similarity, Benevolent concern, Conflict of Interest, Predictability, Situational Security, Adjustment

The New York Stock Exchange is under attack for the way it handled the most volatile market in years

The New York Stock Exchange is under attack. One of its biggest rivals, as well as electronic trading firms that do business on the exchange, are criticizing the way it handled recent swings in the market. 

Key Words: Electronic trading, human trader, Rule 48, transparency, manual trading, BATS
Trust Issue: Adjustment, Similarity, Capability, Risk Tolerance, Predictability, Transparency

Amazon Prime Video now offers something Netflix says it will ‘never’ allow

Amazon just announced a video streaming perk that Netflix has sworn it would never allow. If you're one of the approximately 40 to 60 million people who pay for Prime, Amazon's $99-a-year membership club, you can now download movies and TV shows on your smartphone or tablet for offline viewing.

Key Words: Prime, download, WiFi, retail, Transparent, addictive, offline streaming, Jeff Bezos
Trust Issue: Risk Tolerance, Situational Security, Alignment of Interests, Predictability

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