Trust Digest 107 (August 10, 2015)

Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets
Coca-Cola, the world’s largest producer of sugary beverages, is backing a new “science-based” solution to the obesity crisis: To maintain a healthy weight, get more exercise and worry less about cutting calories.
Key Words: Weight, Medical, Public Health, Obesity, Food, Scientist
Trust Issues: Accountability, Transparency, Regulation, Conflict of Interests, Risk Adjustment

Despite push-back, Obama aggressive on climate change
Last Monday, President Barack Obama took his biggest step yet in establishing an environmental legacy that could make his two terms in office the most consequential for the environment — and for the U.S. energy industry — in four decades.
Key Words: Renewable energy, cash,  Oil, Environmental legacy, Anti-science
Trust Issues: Alignment of Interest, Similarity, Adjustment, Risk Tolerance, Situational Security

A golden goose for investment bankers has stopped laying eggs

Private-equity firms are doing fewer deals and that spells bad news for investment banks. Fees paid by the funds have historically made up a big chunk of investment-banking revenue. At this point last year they accounted for nearly one-quarter of the total.

Key Words: Private-equity, Investment banks, IPOs, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse
Trust Issues: Conflict of Interest, Risk Tolerance, Adjustment, Capability, Situational Security

Now UBS is pulling out of John Paulson’s fund too
UBS AG shut down a feeder fund at the end of July that provided wealthy clients access to billionaire investor John Paulson's Advantage fund due to the high cost of operating that portfolio, two sources said on Thursday.
Key Word: Feeder fund, Advantage fund, Bank of America, Financial Advisory, Wealthy Clients
Trust Issues: Integrity, Benevolent concern, Risk Tolerance, Capability, Predictability

The fate of Uber drivers in California remains in the air
It's left to Judge Edward Chen to decide whether California Uber drivers will be covered by a federal class-action lawsuit that threatens to reclassify the entire state's Uber-driver workforce as employees of the company.
Key Words: Lawsuit, Edward Chen, Licensing agreemnt, bellwether trail, contractors, employees
Trust Issues: Risk Tolerance, Adjustment, Benevolent concern , Predictability, Alignment of Interest

Why Putting a Number to C.E.O. Pay Might Bring Change

It is a confounding truth about outsize executive pay — all past attempts to rein it in have failed. So why does anyone expect a different outcome from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s new rule requiring disclosure of the gap between what a company’s chief executive is paid and what its rank-and-file workers earn?

Key Words: Executive pay, Discontent, S.E.C., Pay ratios, Labor pension fund, investors, bill
Trust Issue: Capability, Risk Tolerance, Similarity, Benevolent concern, Conflict of Interest

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