Trust Digest 106 (August 3, 2015)

Here's what Wall Street is saying about the massive climate change plan Obama just announced

President Obama announced a major plan to tackle climate change on Monday. It involves carbon emission reductions and incentive programs for states to invest in renewable energy sources, like solar energy.                      

Key Words: Renewable energy, cash, Oil commodities, Chinese demand, Solar stocks, investors        
Trust Issues: 
Alignment of Interest, Similarity, Adjustment, Risk Tolerance, Situational Security

Crude oil is collapsing    

Crude oil is falling to new lows.On Monday in New York, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude fell more than 4% and slipped below $45 per barrel, a level it hasn't touched since March.    

Key Words: West Texas Intermediate (WTI), commodities, Chinese manufacturing activity, Brent        
Trust Issues: 
Conflict of Interest, Risk Tolerance, Adjustment, Capability, Situational Security


Former Citigroup and UBS Trader Convicted in Libor Case  

Everyone has things that make them tick, and top leaders are no exception. (You can't stand people who loudly chew gum? You're in good company — neither can Oprah.)                      

Key Words: Tom Hayes, conspiracy, Libor manipulation, dishonest, traders, banks, ringmaster        
Trust Issues: 
Integrity, Similarities, Risk Tolerance, Capability, Honesty, Power

Horizon Pharma to Seek to Replace Depomed Directors    
The Irish drug maker Horizon Pharma said on Monday that it would seek a special shareholder meeting to replace the directors of Depomed, its smaller American rival, as it continued to pressure the company to engage in takeover talks.        
Key Words: Poison pill plan, takeover, lawsuit, confidential, special shareholder meeting        
Trust Issues: 
Integrity, Benevolent concern, Risk Tolerance, Capability, Predictability, Confidentiality

Puerto Rico is about to default for the first time in its history     

The commonwealth is not expected to pay $58 million in debt due by the end of today to its Public Finance Corporation. This will hurt the island's residents, not Wall Street. The debt is mostly owned by ordinary Puerto Ricans through credit unions.

Key Words: $58 million debt, historic, uncertainty, Unemployment, water crisis        
Trust Issues: 
Adjustment, Capability, Risk Tolerance, Alignment of Interest, Predictability

Apple is sliding    

Apple is off about 2% this morning, and down 10% after delivering a middling earnings report on July 21. What are investors upset about?     

Key Words: Chinese manufacturer, shipment, Windows 10, Cortana, Chinese demand declining       
Trust Issues: Power, Innovation, Similarity, Capability, Adjustment, Risk Tolerance

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