Trust Digest 103 (July 7, 2015)

Greeks Set to Reject Creditors’ Bailout Terms, Projections Show

A official projection of Greece’s referendum outcome, based on partial counting, said that at least 61% of Greeks voted “no” to creditors’ demands on Sunday, an outcome that—if confirmed—would set the country on a collision course with the rest of the Eurozone.

Key Words: Eurozone, Collision, 61% voters, Bailout, Referendum, “No”, Crisis

Trust Issues: Risk Tolerance, Power, Situational Security, Conflict of Interests

China to Suspend New Stock Sales to Preserve Liquidity

China decided to suspend new stock sales and, in a first, establish a fund to stabilize the country’s share markets, making clear the increasing concern among China’s leadership that the stock panic could spread to other parts of the world’s second-largest economy.

Key Words: China, Stabilize, Stock declines, Debts, Funds, Central Bank, IPO, June 12

Trust Issues: Capability, Alignment of Interests, Power, Similarities

China stocks sink, some accuse Morgan Stanley, other foreign forces

The recent, drastic stock-market meltdown in China seems to have freaked out the country’s government and central bank, as their repeated efforts to stabilize the markets have failed, at least so far.

Key Words: China, central bank, Morgan Stanley, Shanghai Composite Index, Stabilize, Jointly Pledge

Trust Issues: Power, Alignment of Interests, Similarities, Risk Tolerance, Benevolence, Communication

A petition to remove Ellen Pao as Reddit CEO has added more than 100,000 signatures in 3 days

An online petition asking Reddit to oust interim CEO Ellen Pao has added more than 100,000 signatures since Friday, when news broke that a popular employee of the site was suddenly gone and volunteer moderators shut down hundreds of the site's communities in protest.

Key Words: Victoria Taylor, Fired, Communities, Subreddits, Moderators, Communication

Trust Issues: Power, Communication, Integrity, Situational Security, Conflict of Interests

Donald Trump fires back at ‘hypocrite’ Miss Universe pageant winner

Real-estate magnate and presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted another one of his critics early Sunday morning.

Key Words: Hypocrite, Paulina Vega, Mexica, Illegal Immigration, Cut ties, Macy’s

Trust Issues: Benevolence, Integrity, Predictability, Alignment of Interests, Risk tolerance

These 12 surprising investors in Uber are poised to get even richer

As I was reading Ashlee Vance's "Elon Musk: Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future," I was alternately awed and disheartened, almost exactly the same ambivalence I felt after reading Walter Isaacson's "Steve Jobs" and Brad Stone's "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon."

Key Words: Uber Rich, 41 billion, CEOs, Celebrities, Jeff Bezos

Trust Issues: Alignment of Interests, Capability, Risk Tolerance, Similarities, Predictability

EL-ERIAN: If the Greek ‘no’ vote wins, prepare for a global stock market sell-off

Greek voters have voted in a referendum on whether their country should accept the terms of a new European Union bailout package.

Key Words: Bailout, Financial Turmoil, Selloff, Eurozone, Plan B, Quickly, Uncertainty, El-Erian

Trust Issues: Predictability, Power, Capability, Alignment of Interests, Situational Security

Samsung Merger Plan Called unfair to Some Investors

Samsung has built a name for itself among consumers around the world as a leading manufacturer of smartphones, televisions and home appliances. For investors, though, its reputation is not so stellar.

Key Words: $8 billion merger, Samsung C&T, Cheil Industries, Proposed Merger Ratio, Investors

Trust Issues: Conflict of Interests, Power, Risk Tolerance, Situational Adjustment, Communication

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