Trust Digest 102 (June 29, 2015)

Artificial Intelligence Machine Gets Testy With Its Programmer

Researchers have shown that machines are inching closer to self-learning, and perhaps even copping a little attitude. Over at Google, a computer program using a database of movie scripts was asked again and again by researchers to define morality. It struggles to do so, and in a conversation recorded by its human engineers, becomes exasperated and ends the conversation by lashing out at its human inquisitor.

Key Words: Google, Machine, Human, Ethics, Morality, Artificial Intelligence, Database

Trust Issues: Integrity, Communication, Capability, Alignment of Interests

Apple Can Skate by Taylor Swift, but Not Product Missteps

When the pop music star Taylor Swift publicly criticized Apple's royalty payment plans recently, government regulators that had been investigating the company for various other reasons might have thought: Get in line.

Key Words: Apple Music, Taylor Swift, Diversity, iTunes store, Download, Brand Power

Trust Issues: Risk Tolerance, Power, Situational Security, Communication, Integrity

Greece Will Close Banks to Stem Flood of Withdrawals

Greece will keep its banks closed on Monday and place restrictions on the withdrawal and transfer of money, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a televised address on Sunday night, as Athens tries to avert a financial collapse. "The whole thing is absolute nightmare," Mr. Ruparel said. "I have been following this saga for five years, and it is depressingly tedious."

Key Words: European Central Bank, Debt Negotiation, Mr.Tsipras, Athens, I.M.F., Raoul Ruparel

Trust Issues: Power, Alignment of Interests, Similarities, Risk Tolerance, Benevolent Concern

In an Uber World, Fortune Favors the Freelancer

With the rise of companies like Uber, entrepreneurs in a variety of fields are extending the concept of connecting customers and workers in what is sometimes called the new sharing economy. There are now online services for private tutors, dog walkers and delivery of packages and groceries, among numerous other options, and it is likely that these ventures will expand.

Key Words: Uber, Entrepreneurs, Airbnb, Gene Sperling, Online Ratings, College degree

Trust Issues: Power, Similarities, Situational Security, Conflict of Interests

BRACE FOR SELL-OFF: Here’s how the markets will respond to this weekend’s debacle in Greece

Given developments over the last 36 hours -- including the announcement of a Greek referendum in the midst of a massive setback to the country's relations with its European partners and the IMF -- financial markets will open on Monday realizing that Grexit is no longer unlikely or just a possibility; it is now probable.

Key Words: IMF, Financial Markets, Bank-deposit withdrawals, Investment

Trust Issues: Capability, Predictability, Alignment of Interests, Risk tolerance

The Bad Behavior of Visionary Leaders

As I was reading Ashlee Vance's "Elon Musk: Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future," I was alternately awed and disheartened, almost exactly the same ambivalence I felt after reading Walter Isaacson's "Steve Jobs" and Brad Stone's "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon."

Key Words: Leaders, Elon Musk, Visionary, Inspiring, Success, Value, Employees

Trust Issues: Benevolent Concern, Communication, Capability, Adjustment

Greece’s Debt Crisis Sends Stocks Falling Around Globe

Stocks slumped modestly on Monday at the opening on Wall Street, after markets in Asia and Europe were battered by worries that the Greek financial crisis would prove contagious and Chinese investors endured anther topsy-turvy session.

Key Words: Dow Jones, Investors, Asia, Europe, Wall Street, Spillover, Fall, Standard & Poor, Effect

Trust Issues: Predictability, Power, Capability, Alignment of Interests, Situational Security

25 awesome and elaborate ways tech companies showed support at San Francisco’s Pride Parade

Gay pride parades around the nation had a little something extra to celebrate this weekend after the Supreme Court ruled on Friday to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states.

Key Words: Gay Pride Parade,  LGBT, Apple, Google, Facebook, Silicon Valley, Supporters

Trust Issues: Adjustment, Benevolent Concern, Communication, Similarities, Capability

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