Trust Digest 101 (June 22, 2015)

FCC proposes $100M fine against AT&T over unlimited plans

The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday proposed a $100 million fine against AT&T, accusing the second-largest U.S. wireless carrier of misleading unlimited-data customers about possible slowdowns in download speeds.

Key Words: Unlimited-data plan, FCC, Misleading, Consumer,Deceptive

Trust Issues: Integrity, Communication, Benevolent Concern, Alignment of Interests

Taylor Swift says Apple Music is ‘shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike’ the company

In response to mounting criticism of her decision to snub Apple Music, Taylor Swift has posted a letter explaining her boycott on Sunday.

Key Words: Apple music, Unpaid, Spotify, 1989, Free 3 month trial, Music Industry

Trust Issues: Capability, Integrity, Risk Tolerance, Communication

It’s time for retailers to start paying close attention to social media

Social media may still only drive a small share of total online retail sales, but its impact is becoming impossible to ignore. Social-driven retail sales and referral traffic are rising at a faster pace than all other online channels.

Key Words: Social Media, E-commerce, BI Intelligence, Retailers, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Trust Issues: Capacity, Similarities, Communication, Alignment of Interests

One ominous reason why Wal-Mart is bringing back greeters

Wal-Mart is bringing back employees known as "greeters" to its store entrances.

Key Words: Wal-Mart, Store Entrances, Greeters, Theft problems, Friendlier

Trust Issues: Risk tolerance, Adjustment, Integrity, Predictability, Conflict of Interests

Tech Companies Fly High on Fantasy Accounting

Technology shares have been powering the stock market recently, outperforming the broader stock indexes by wide margins. The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100, for example, is up 19 percent over the last 12 months, almost twice as much as the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index, which has risen 10 percent.

Key Words: GAAP, Financial Reporting, Creativity, Difference, Investors, Shareholders

Trust Issues: Similarities, Predictability and Integrity, Power, Risk tolerance, Alignment of Interests

Jim Dolce of Lookout, on Achieving Breakthroughs in Small Bites

Accountability is very important, and that's something that has to continue to be reinforced, especially when you have a culture where you're empowering people. If we're pushing down responsibility into the organization and empowering people to make decisions, then there has to be accountability. Otherwise, you're just delivering the empowerment into a black hole.

Key Words: Leadership, Accountability, Mobile Security, Discipline, Empowering, Entrepreneurs

Trust Issues: Risk tolerance, Benevolent Concern, Capability, Similarities, Situational security

This is the Donald Trump scandal nobody is talking about

On Tuesday, real-estate and reality TV mogul Donald Trump announced he will enter the Republican primary as a contender for the 2016 presidential nomination.

Key Words: Real-estate, Candidacy, Trump University, Student Loan Debt, Fraudulent, Job Availability

Trust Issues: Integrity, Predictability, Power, Capability, Alignment of Interests

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