Trust Digest 10 (June 29, 2013)

Envoy says U.S. loses trust in Hong Kong after Snowden
The top U.S. diplomat in Hong Kong warned on Thursday of a "big struggle" ahead to repair Washington's trust in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory after the flight of fugitive spy agency contractor Edward Snowden.
Key Word: U.S.-Hong Kong terms
Trust Issues: Ethics, Integrity

The Power of Giving Back: How Community Involvement Can Boost Your Bottom Line
According to a May 2013 study by Cone Communications and Echo Research, 82 percent of U.S. consumers consider corporate social responsibility (CSR) when deciding which products or services to buy and where to shop. 
Key Words: Community Involvement, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Millennials
Trust Issues: Responsibility, Benevolent concern

Physical Environment, Dishonesty Linked In New 'Embodied Cognition' Research
Provocative new studies link dishonesty with sprawling on a big chair or at a big desk.
Key Words: Physical Environment, Dishonesty
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

Banks Present Crisis Plan to the Fed: Report
U.S. banks have given a proposal to federal regulators on how to pay for restructuring the country's too-big-to-fail institutions in the event of a future crisis, the Wall Street Journalreported, citing people familiar with the conversations.
Key Words: Restructuring, Future Crisis
Trust Issue: Responsibility

Three Shocking Truths About Lying At Work
Workplace lying is a far more widespread issue and it is taking place in offices around the world. There is a steady undercurrent of dishonesty, “white lies,” cheating, and bending the rules.
Key Words: Culture of Honesty, Pandemic Of Lying
Trust Issues: Integrity, Ethics

Fixing a hole in transparency laws
The last time there was talk of regulating the political intelligence industry, most senators supported a proposal to have consultants disclose their identity and clients the same way lobbyists do under a law meant to improve transparency in lobbying.
Key Words: Political Intelligence Industry, Lobbying, (STOCK) Act
Trust Issues: Communication, Transparency

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